Privacy by Design Consultancy 

Let every process, idea or ambition be born from a solid legal and ethical base, that never obstructs progress or performance


What is Privacy by Design?

7 Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design was launched in 2010 by Dr Ann Cavoukian, the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario, and has since become the accepted standard for the privacy industry - legislators and practitioners alike.


In any situation where personal data is processed, Data Privacy ought to:



Be preventative, not remedial 



Be the default 




Be embedded into process design 


Allow full functionality, not be obstructive 


Entail full end-to-end data security 


Be visible, transparent and communicated


Put the data subject first 

Privacy by Design with Calligo


No matter the shape or size of the organization, or whether Privacy by Design is being considered for an individual project or department, or the whole business, Calligo’s team of data privacy, IT security and legal consultants will: 


 Assess your business or project objectives, dependencies, operations and geographies.


 Analyse your data processes, existing controls, collection and handling, workflows and technology architecture. 


 Identify the data you hold, its sensitivity and its necessary treatment, and the data privacy regulations and ethical principles your business or project is subject to. 


 Design a natural workflow that ensures a balance between performance requirements and regulatory obligations.


 Deliver a suitable technical and legal structure for your business or project that also addresses security and data privacy requirements.  


 Ensure ongoing adherence to your regulatory and ethical obligations, or new ones as they may arise, with regular assessments.


Privacy by design underpins Calligo’s managed IT and managed cloud services. Our commitment to privacy has been recognised globally and makes our outsourced IT services truly unique.







Benefits of Privacy by Design




Navigate legal liability

Implementing Privacy by Design frameworks is the ultimate sign of an organization wanting to ensure their data interactions are ethical and legitimate, which can be a key mitigating factor with Supervisory Authorities 



Maintain continuous compliance 

Privacy by Design underpins wider data privacy programmes and their objectives of continuous adherence, especially as most national and industry-specific privacy frameworks are also based on its principles



Safe growth and innovation 

An organization whose data lifecycles and interactions are already built on the fundamentals of data privacy can be confident that any data-driven innovation is inherently safe, adherent and legal




Earn and preserve customer confidence 

Organizations that have implemented Privacy by Design principles will engage with their audience differently to those that have not, and will inspire trust and confidence, and even leniancy in the case of a breach



Improved incident response 

The Privacy by Design principles ensure that stakeholders are engaged, data flows are visible and communication channels are open, which is a natural foundation for responding to any breach 


Privacy by Design in action

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Case Study

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The Business Benefits of Data Privacy

Discover the impact that a Privacy by Design approach can have on profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction and more


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