The Privacy Rosetta Stone

How Privacy can make itself understood by the CISO and CIO, and make Privacy by Design a reality

  • Learn why so many Privacy and IT teams have a language barrier, and why it is dangerous
  • Use our checklist to measure the strength of your own Privacy-Technical relationship
  • Read three examples from Calligo’s own clients of where the language barrier caused real world problems – and how they fixed it

Hear and be heard by your CIO and CISO


Ongoing data privacy adherence relies on a symbiotic relationship between Privacy, IT and the information security teams. And for any relationship to flourish, there needs to be openness and mutual understanding – in essence a common language.


What happens if this common language does not exist?

Some symptoms of a poor Privacy-Technical relationship – some of which you have probably experienced:

  • Privacy is considered a “blocker to business”
  • Personal data is practically impossible to delete or anonymise
  • Executing data subjects’ rights is manual and onerous
  • Innovation becomes seen as “dangerous” or “more trouble than it’s worth”

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What this ebook includes

  • How to identify a good and bad Privacy-Technical relationship
  • Top tips for creating a Rosetta Stone for your own business
  • Three real-life examples from our clients of how the language barrier caused serious commercial problems
  • A case study of how building a common language between Privacy and the CIO helped a software developer create a Privacy by Design culture

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