Data Strategy Services

Understand your data better, how it could deliver greater efficiency and productivity, the threats it presents, and the opportunities its intelligent use could create

What is a data strategy?

It’s not a technology strategy.


Data strategies are born from a detailed appreciation of every data workflow and the way that data moves into, through and out of your business, plus every risk and opportunity it holds, whether to productivity, innovation or compliance. Technology is simply the tool used to transport or use it.


Our data strategists understand that, and will examine how your business processes create, consume and rely on data, and show you the potential it has if it can be secured, made more easily available and used intelligently - in other words, optimized.




Data Privacy

Not only whether your data interactions adhere to the relevant legislation, but also whether they are ethical.




Data Security

How you continuously safeguard your data from external and internal threats, whether malicious or accidental.





Data Availability

How easy and reliable your teams find it to access your data and maintain productivity, wherever they are.



Intelligent Data Use

Data carries more potential than most business realise. Certainly more than most can or think to exploit.




Additional Data Liabilities

How else could the way in which data is collected, accessed or used affect your business’ operations?




Businesses that optimize their data strategies to make data more available, secure and safe are typically…



More likely to be profitable


More productive


Higher NPS scores


How do we know this?

We have quantified for the first time the precise benefits possible when businesses pursue the commonplace objective of “making the most of our data” – and what most are missing out on


It is the first time that every aspect of a business’ “Data Maturity” has been examined at once, showing how far businesses around the world have progressed and what advantages the trailblazers are seeing compared to those yet to begin.


We discovered how few have reached the point of tangibly benefiting from Data Optimization, how much damage businesses are doing to themselves from ad hoc projects, and how much of an advantage those who have organization-wide data strategies are already seeing – and how fast they are accelerating away from the competition.


businesses researched


global territories represented


aspects of data maturity examined


areas of business benefit discovered




Data Privacy

Have the confidence that every current and future use of data is continuously in line with both privacy law and data ethics 



Barely any business exists outside the scope of data privacy legislation. Whether it’s the industries it operates in, or the geographies it targets, most businesses’ regular data workflows create data privacy obligations.


And even if legal or regulatory liabilities did not apply, data ethics always does.


Our data strategists will design continuous safety, privacy and protection into every business data use, ensuring that actions are legal, ethical and meaningful. But crucially, in ways that support data security and do not obstruct the business from its core operations and ambition.

Data Security

Be confident that your data is continuously protected from internal and external threats, no matter where it is legitimately accessed from 


For Calligo, data security is as much a non-negotiable as data privacy. Calligo will ensure your data strategy protects your data at rest and through every workflow, and meets your industry-specific requirements, while also delivering its services within a framework governed by international standards.

ISO 27001    ISO27018    aicpa-soc     cyber_essentials-300x253



Data Availability

Deliver greater productivity and efficiency by ensuring every team member always has reliable and secure access to the data they need.



Infrastructure selection

Our data strategists will design the most suitable infrastructure for your data needs, whether cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud, and accommodating privacy and security as critically as availability and uptime.



Your data will then be safely moved across to your new environment, securely, cost-effectively and with minimum downtime, with our cloud strategists handling project management through to delivery.



Cloud and data infrastructure is the longest-standing part of Calligo’s heritage. Trust our team to ensure that your environment performs to a continuously high level and that your data remains secure.


Intelligent data use

Free the full power of your data and use it intelligently to uncover possibilities and resolve challenges


One of the greatest objectives of any data strategy is to underpin innovation, and to answer the question that most ambitious business leader are asking: How can I use my data more intelligently?


Our data strategists will help you identify the data workflows that are most suitable for automation or making intelligent, and where the most impact can be found, based on:



The questions and challenges you are solving


Your business processes and data workflows


The data available in your business


The existence or not of relevant public data


The data privacy regulations that apply




Overlooked data liabilities

Data is at the heart of every business action. Our data strategy teams include experienced business analysts who will consider how your data is used from angles that most will not consider.



Government data access

How might your choice of data infrastructure provider affect how your data could potentially by accessed by various governments, and will the businesses whose data you hold be concerned with any of these capabilities?


Tax residency liability

Does your tax residency qualification depend on where key decisions are made from? How could data residency or organization-wide access to data impact where strategic leadership is seen to be located? 



How might Brexit, or the UK's aim to secure Data Adequacy, affect your data privacy obligations and preparedness? Will its changing status impact the legitimacy of how you collect data or where you store it?  

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