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We will build you a thorough, considered, forward-thinking plan that removes the risk from unlocking the value in your data  

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A professional Data Strategy could be the difference between you and the 50+% of organizations that slip into the 'Data Ditch' - where unfocused, hurried investments into data projects actually hamper not improve business performance   



Avoid the Data Ditch


Our Data Maturity Impact Report revealed that while more than 80% of organizations are investing heavily in making better use of their data, more than 50% fall straight into the 'Data Ditch'.

Their projects lacked the necessary strategic and technical groundwork for any chance of success, and ended up hampering productivity, reducing gross profitability and even impacting customer satisfaction and employee retention.

A Data Strategy helps you avoid the same mistake. 


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As general or specific as you need

Uniquely comprehensive


Whether you need an assessment of your entire data environment, or a roadmap for a data warehouse, we can help. Performed by a unique combination of experts in data governance, security, privacy, infrastructure and data science.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you unlock the full potential of your data, by fully aligning with your business objectives.   



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What is involved?


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Technical SME meetings

Deep dives into the role, use and application of data within your organization, and expectations from future successful uses of data. 


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Data Explorations

Manual examination of your data environment, assessing its security, regulatory adherence, quality and availability.



Consolidate Findings

How the results of the data explorations align to the hopes for data's use, and calculations of the levels of effort and expected ROI of remedying.



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A thorough analysis to key stakeholders of the findings, plus strategic recommendations for how to achieve goals while delivering ROI. 




Identify path forward

Output is designed so you can take action immediately, driving focused, goal-orientated change to data's use in your organization.

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Your step-by-step path to avoiding the
Data Ditch


Let Calligo's expert data strategists assess data's role, use and application in your organization, and design a custom, practical roadmap to mitigate every risk and realise every suitable opportunity.


Your entire data environment will be explored and documented by a unique team of experts in data governance, security, privacy, infrastructure and data science.