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Increasing profitability


Increasing productivity


Improving employee retention 


Privacy by design


Reducing costs 

Reducing compliance risk

Reducing customer churn


How it works


Time 45 minutes
Who Calligo's expert data strategists
Agenda An open, honest, confidential discussion, asking you a series of simple questions about how your data is received, governed, treated and used in the business.
Purpose Identify strengths and weaknesses, and the most profitable and pertinent areas to improve.
Output Your own individual 10-12 page report, showing you exactly where the most impactful improvements can be made and the expected commercial benefits of doing so. No marketing fluff! 
Bonus deliverable! Access to our unique market research of 500+ North American and European businesses, showing the differences between those who have optimized their data processes, and those who have not.  




Who needs to attend?

We find that the most impactful and useful outputs come when the following people are in the meeting: 

  The person who best understands your IT infrastructure, processes and strategy.
  The person responsible for IT security, or someone who can discuss your IT security approach and strategy. 
  The person who oversees your regulatory compliance.



What can I do with this free report? 

The report is designed so that you can take action immediately. You will be able to:


Begin creating your own data strategy to drive powerful and impactful Digital Transformation

Create urgency within your senior team and secure support, buy-in and budget for any of the report's recommendations 

Drive focused and goal-orientated change among your team and network of suppliers



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