Desktop as a Service - CloudDesk


Provide your users with full and secure VDI access to their data, applications and the company network anywhere and at any time


CloudDesk from Calligo is one of the most secure, high performance and privacy-centric VDI offerings available



Flexible & Scalable

Quickly deployed with multiple connectivity options and scales to meet the changing size of your business or need for remote working.




Fully secure

CloudDesk is built with multi-layered security at every level, with full session encryption, secure VPN access and fully protected transmitted data.


Award-winning support

CloudDesk is supported and maintained 24x7 by Calligo’s multi-award-winning global managed services team and Customer Service Desk.



Reduces costs

Customers benefit from a simple, flexible payment scheme, extended device life and the opportunity to allow users to use their own devices.



Reliable infrastructure

CloudDesk runs on CloudCore – Calligo’s public cloud platform, with financially-backed performance SLAs.


High performance

Applications run faster on CloudDesk than on other shared desktop services due to CloudCore’s innovative design.


Privacy first

CloudCore is the first public cloud platform in the world to have been designed with data privacy at its heart.




Case study:


Reliable, secure data access, at lower cost 

Find out why CloudCore was chosen to simultaneously meet demanding performance requirements, disaster recovery stipulations, data residency obligations, and budget.



Managed Microsoft 365 Services

Make your data available to all your employees, no matter where they’re working, through the industry-leading collaboration platform, delivered by Microsoft Partners.



Data Privacy

Trust in safer data that drives performance, innovation and growth. We design continuous safety, privacy and protection into every business data use.



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