IT Security Awareness Poster

Help your employees spot cybercrime attempts and transform from your greatest weakness to your strongest defence


We’ve put together a handy printable IT Security Awareness Poster for you to use within your business to ensure your staff are aware and vigilant of the top cybersecurity issues that businesses are facing.

  • The top IT security threats SMEs are experiencing and what to look out for
  • Add your own internal IT security reporting email so staff know who to contact when they spot an attack

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The top IT security threats that your staff need to be aware of


There are three core pillars to IT security defence – people, processes and technology and in order to protect your business, all three must be addressed equally.


However, typical SME workforces’ don’t always have rigorous processes in place coupled with limited employee cybersecurity awareness and training, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


We’ve created a free IT Security Awareness Poster that you can download and customize to raise employee awareness and protect your business.

  • Ensure your employees are up-to-date with the latest IT security threats
  • Encourage strong passwords and passpharses to prevent “brute force” attacks to gain access to your data
  • Inform your staff over the dangers of revealing personal information over social media. Hackers often use these tools to glean information and use it against them.

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