Managed IT Security Services


Just some of the ways Calligo's IT Managed Services protect your data and your business from cyberattacks

Best practice technology and expertise

Calligo performs constant network monitoring, software updates and patching, and will deploy the most robust and reliable technology products available to protect your network and data.


Calligo is responsible for securing 100,000s of users, devices and networks every day, and will ensure that your environment – regardless of its size or dynamics – will be continuously protected.

  • Round the clock server and network monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Firewall deployment and maintenance
  • Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-ransomware and Anti-SPAM




The Top 9 SME
IT Security Threats

The top cybersecurity threats facing SMEs, based on our observations of client networks and their vulnerabilities.



Employee awareness training


As threats become more sophisticated and more reliant on the manipulation of your employees, the likelihood of your network being breached is rocketing. Equally, as workforces are increasingly working remotely from client sites, from home or on the road, your threat surface is growing.


Phishing attacks, ransomware, hardware breaches, social media, weak passwords and mislaid data are amongst the most common threats to your data – and all come down to employee behaviour.


Calligo provides employee awareness training that keeps your employees informed and vigilant, and turns your workforce from your greatest weakness to a key component of your defence.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Calligo believes that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) should be a default policy in any business. The rising sophistication of phishing attacks and similar have led to more and more user access credentials becoming exposed.


Regardless of the number of protective security controls that may exist around your data, if a single set of credentials is required to access your network, your network is vulnerable.


Calligo will deploy Multi-Factor Authentication to secure your network and data, and is accredited as an official partner of one of the most innovative and yet most user-friendly and simplest technology solutions available.


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Strategic recommendations


We are experts at balancing your strategic needs with your data security and data privacy, while ensuring one never undermines another.


Whether you want to take full advantage of the cloud, provide more flexibility to your workforce, or introduce new tools and capabilities into your business, our team will ensure that your data’s security remains the number one priority.

Partnering with the most innovative security vendors


Calligo is constantly reviewing the security technologies it recommends and deploys. 


We select our partners based on a number of strict criteria, including their innovation and roadmap, their alignment with Privacy by Design methodologies and principles, their flexibility, their industry certifications and their technical capabilities.


We then train our team to expert level on each technology so that we are able to repeatedly deploy them to best practice into any customer's network and adapt to any specific requirements. 


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Microsoft Gold Partner x 3 - Calligo


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The Top 9 SME IT Security Threats

The top cybersecurity threats facing SMEs, based on our observations of client networks and their vulnerabilities


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