The Top SME IT Security Threats

The most common types of cyberattack that SMEs face today 


IT security threats are constantly evolving. Their sophistication and prevalence is accelerating, while the variety in delivery methods is growing exponentially.


Combine this with typical SME workforces’ limited cybersecurity awareness and training, and SMEs are in the middle of a perfect storm of vulnerability.


In order to help businesses defend themselves, and educate their workforces, we have selected the Top SME IT Security Threats affecting businesses.


  • Discover the most prevalent IT security threats that are targeting SMEs across the world
  • Find out what processes you need to put in place to protect your business against cybercrime
  • Learn to combat social engineering techniques that might be used to gain access to your data

How to protect your business against IT security threats

There are three core pillars to IT security defence – people, processes and technology. All three must be addressed equally to keep your business safe.


We’ve evaluated each of the Top SME IT Security Threats according to the vulnerabilities and shortcomings they prey on, plus their likely commercial impact and their difficulty to detect – and provided detailed guidance on how you can put the right measures in place to protect your data and your business.

  • Are you keeping your employees up to date with the latest IT security threats? And do you know how to advise them to protect themselves and your network?

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What this ebook includes

  • Find out how to protect your business against malware and ransomware attacks, and how proper defence goes far beyond software.  
  • Discover the newer dangers that are starting to impact SMEs, including Web Browser Extensions and the new trend of “Juice Jacking”.
  • Learn the different types of social engineering such as Phishing, Public Wi-Fi hacks and brute force attacks, and how easily employees fall for them – and what the ramifications are.  
  • Identify all the steps that are necessary to protect your business, from employee awareness training to Multi-Factor Authentication.

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