Why SMEs need a Virtual CIO

And why SMEs can no longer rely on who they used to

Learn about Virtual CIOs – the outsourced strategic resources who will translate your business objectives into data strategies, ensuring full regulatory adherence and privacy compliance, and guide you in the deployment of the ntechnology to make it happen. 

  • Why striking this delicate balance between ambition and complaince has never been more important
  • Why business growth is dependent on this capability
  • How not all Virtual CIOs are created equal, and what to look for in yours

Why you need a data strategy, not a technology strategy


Any SME has a business strategy. Most have technology strategies. Hardly any have data strategies.


A data strategy is the only way to simultaneously ensure that your business is equipped to meet its objectives, your workforce has access to the information and tools it needs, and that you are continuously adhering to regulatory requirements.


And most SMEs lack the skills to accomplish this - whether internally or from amongst their usual outsourced resources, such as IT support companies.  


So where does a modern business look for help?



Some of the questions answered in this ebook 

  • Where businesses have typically looked for technology support, and why these resources are not equipped to advise on privacy or compliance
  • The role, responsibilities and differences with the modern Virtual CIO
  • Where businesses should look instead for combined data, technology and privacy support, and why such skills are so rare
  • How a Virtual CIO takes ownership for Infrastructure, Cloud, Strategy, Compliance and Data Privacy – and what you should expect from such a resource

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