Hybrid Azure Services

Solve data privacy and sensitivity concerns with an expertly-designed hybrid cloud environment, built on Microsoft  Azure and CloudCore

3 reasons why 100% reliance on public Azure may not be suitable for your business:



You may be subject to strict data residency requirements that Azure cannot serve, for example Luxembourg or the Channel Islands


You may hold highly sensitive IP, such as R&D data or algorithms, that are deemed too valuable to store in public cloud resources


You may rely on multiple, complex workloads that require greater customization than public cloud can offer

Combine the industry-leader for scale and resources with the world’s first privacy-first cloud platform 


Use Microsoft Azure for its compute resources, advanced analytics tools and the storage of large volumes of less sensitive data… 

… and meanwhile store and process sensitive data, confidential R&D and IP (including AI algorithms) in CloudCore.



Microsoft Azure

  • Used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies
  • Remarkable scale across 54 regions
  • SLAs of 99.99% uptime for all virtual machines
  • Priced competitively on resource consumption, not reserved capacity
  • Continuously innovating on new cloud services, including analytics platforms, containers and developer tools



  • Data residency guarantees
  • Performance-based guarantees and industry-leading SLAs
  • Security first “defence in depth” philosophy
  • Cost efficient consumption-based Virtual Datacentre model
  • Outperforms AWS and Google in machine learning scenarios

Designed, deployed and managed by Microsoft Gold Partners


  Experienced team: Microsoft Gold Partner-accredited, based on the team’s skills, qualifications, experience and service


Cloud innovators: Team members are named inventors on 10 cloud computing patents, ensuring no environment design challenge is too great


Privacy expertise: Dedicated privacy team to ensure that your new hybrid environment satisfies all data privacy and data sensitivity concerns


Simple billing: Calligo is a certified Azure partner so can act your sole cloud partner and all billing for the entire hybrid environment can be consolidated


Avoid environment inconsistency: Calligo’s cloud architects can ensure that your hybrid cloud design performs as if a single, unified environment, while safeguarding


Microsoft Gold Partner x 3 - Calligo


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