On-Premise vs Cloud


Why now is the time to take to the cloud


Cloud Computing has not yet been universally adopted. 

You still have an opportunity to leap ahead - for now.


Many businesses determinedly stay on-premise under false illusions of safer data, better cost-efficiency & reliability.

Which means moving to the cloud still offers a competitive advantage.   



Many businesses are staying on-premises because they think... 




But moving to the cloud presents the opportunity to...



Their need for investment is over as they have already paid for the hardware


Their data is more secure if kept on-site


Their backups and disaster recovery are more reliable if handled in house


Cloud is less reliable and would require too great a reliance on internet connectivity


There is no need to move as all employees operate within the office


There is no need as their technology is performing sufficiently well



Remove the hidden costs and burden of maintenance, security patches, software & hardware upgrades and even downtime


Benefit from far greater security and data safety capabilities than most businesses afford to invest in, such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS and SOC 2:1 and data privacy expertise


Entrust their data to more reliable, more resilient disaster recovery services that are faster to restore, more regularly tested and better managed than any on-site measures


Modern cloud service providers are able to mitigate slow data flows and perform far better than VPN connections


Instantly enable remote working capabilities, that 2020 has shown as a staple requirement for all businesses - often resulting in greater productivity 


Futureproof the business with innovative, high-performance equipment and the latest technical skills that individual businesses cannot invest in  


Be more productive, lower your costs and use your data more powerfully and safely




On-premise ongoing costs


IT personnel

IT personnel training

Application non-compatibilities

Application integrations or upgrades

Hardware maintenance & updates

Software, security & database updates

Poor performance in remote working



Cloud ongoing costs


Service fee

(lower than on-premise costs)


What is in a managed cloud service?


Migration services

Fully managed migration service, ensuring all data and applications are safely moved to an appropriate cloud environment


Data privacy & residency

Continuous protection and governance of data, ensuring full compliance with data residency requirements, and data privacy legal obligations  


Regulatory compliance

Industry regulations regarding data availability, residency, backups and security can be burdensome for on-premise environments, but can be easily supported by cloud service providers


Network monitoring

Total oversight of the performance and security of your environment, plus proactive maintenance, patching and upgrades

New resource set-up

Scale up your business' resources within hours, not the weeks it would take to purchase, set-up and deploy simlar resource on-premise


Disaster recovery and backup

Managed cloud services typically include sophisticated and rapid disaster recovery and backup processes, ensuring your data is always available, even in the case of ransomware or local disaster.


Data security

Continuous, modern threat protection and data encryption, multiple security certifications, plus advanced physical security at datacentre locations  

 SLAs & Performance

Uptime, availability and performance are all guaranteed to meet agreed metrics, underpinned by penalites and recourse if not met


24/7 customer service desk

Expert engineers, familiar with your environment and business needs, are available 24/7/365 to address any technical issues, provide user support or offer strategic consultancy





CF_MSP501_2020_GLOBAL_WHITE     CRN-Highly-Commended-White-CalligoMSP_Of_The_Year_

Award-winning managed services

Calligo's Managed Services team has received numerous industry awards in recognition of its service delivery, performance and customer satisfaction in cloud managed services. 


We are also one of the most well-accredited managed services teams for security and data privacy.


   Expert cloud architects, and specialists in migration, back-up and disaster recovery
   Nominated contacts
   24/7/365 oversight of your environment, including network monitoring, consumption, resources and security 
   24/7/365 Customer Service Desk
   95+% customer satisfaction
   ISO 27001, ISO 9001, SOC 2 Type 1 certified and PCI-DSS certified datacentres
   Data privacy and residency specialist consultants

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