Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2

are 'End of Life'


Now is the time to take to the cloud


Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 have not been supported by Microsoft since 14th January 2020.


Since that date, Microsoft has not: 



Issued any new security updates or performance updates 


Provided any further free support for either Operating System 


Released any further technical guidance content 


What this means for you:



Data and applications that rely on these operating systems are more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals


Modern applications are less likely to be compatible with your environment, preventing full functionality or requiring expensive workarounds


Total Cost of Ownership will continuously escalate as custom security and compatibility measures are required 

You are at ever-growing risk of poor performance, cybercrime & extra cost.

Now is the time to move to the cloud


Why our clients choose CloudCore public cloud:


Data Accessibility

Make your data available to your whole organisation, allow them to work just as productively remotely as in the office, and improve their ability to collaborate both internaly and externally.



CloudCore is built on a network of nine geographically-dispersed locations in six different jurisdictions, each with high-connectivity and independently classified as a minimum of Tier III (99.98% uptime).  


Safer Data

CloudCore is highly security-certified, including ISO27001, SOC 2:1 and PCI-DSS, while supporting data residency and privacy requirements, including GDPR, and many industry regulations.


CloudCore is one of the few cloud providers able to offer performance-based guarantees, even to the application level, due to its innovative design, flexibility and “noisy neighbour” mitigation.


Lower costs

CloudCore is very competitively priced. Its consumption-based 'Virtual Data Centre' model means you pay only for the precise resource you require, not the excess a per VM model would provision.


Calligo also offers industry-leading SLAs across all aspects of service provision, including, unusually for cloud providers, financially-backed SLAs for uptime.



Calligo offers fully-managed, cost-effective Disaster Recovery and Back-Up Services on CloudCore, including continuous replication and recovery guarantees.


  Remove IT spend

Moving to the cloud removes the cost of system upgrades and patches, new hardware or software, and particularly the cost of maintaining out-of-support operating systems.


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Safe, easy migration to the cloud


Calligo's Project Services Team has migrated 1000s of organizations to CloudCore, including all data, every application and workload, and while setting up high-performance backup and disaster recovery measures. 


All wth zero downtime.


"Migrating to the cloud is not a simple process. It requires substantial preparation, and the experience to be able to foresee potential obstacles and mitigate against them."


"What makes Calligo different is their experience. They can offer strategic guidance and expert execution on moving to the cloud, security of backups - services that are vital for any business."


IT Lead, MacGillivray


CF_MSP501_2020_GLOBAL      CRN-Highly-Commended-Calligomsp-501-first-place-200x133-1


Award-winning managed services

Calligo's Managed Services team has received numerous industry awards in recognition of its service delivery, performance and customer satisfaction in cloud managed services. 


It is also one of the most well-accredited for security and data privacy.

  • Expert cloud architects, and specialists in migration, back-up and disaster recovery
  • Nominated contacts
  • 24/7/365 oversight of your environment, including network monitoring, consumption, resources and security 
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service Desk
  • 95+% customer satisfaction
  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001, SOC 2 Type 1 certified and PCI-DSS certified datacentres
  • Data privacy and residency specialist consultants



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