How to get the most out of Microsoft Teams


How to use Microsoft Teams to its fullest potential, boost productivity and stay connected while remote working


In light of recent events, the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 has surged exponentially, with businesses needing to facilitate remote working quickly and often unexpectedly.


At the core of Office 365 is its collaboration hub, Microsoft Teams, which brings together people and content into one shared workspace.


How_to_get_the_most_out_of_Microsoft_TeamsHowever, due to rapid deployments there has been very little internal education on how workforces can get the very most out of the platform.


This guide aims to show Microsoft Teams users how to use the platform most productively, make the most of the innovative tools and features it includes, and stay connected while remote working.

  • Tips and tricks on how to stay connected and productive
  • Advice on using Teams to communicate and collaborate, either 1-1, in groups or with external guests through IM, voice and video
  • How to share files, work on them online and offline, as well as simultaneously editing documents with your team

What this ebook includes:


1Learn how to navigate Microsoft Teams and how to set up Chats, Teams and Channels with your team.


2Use Teams’ full variety of secure communication channels, such as IM, voice and video conferencing.

3Discover the numerous ways to collaborate on documents and projects through Microsoft Teams.


4Boost your productivity, and physical and mental wellbeing with our tips on how to work from home.

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