As of 20 April 2020, Microsoft changed the Office 365 brand name to Microsoft 365

How to protect your Microsoft 365 data better


The many features of Microsoft 365 that you may think are actively protecting your data, but are not


Is your Microsoft 365 data as secure and backed up as you think?

Microsoft 365 promotes a range of IT security features to better protect your data. However, most need to be deliberately activated, many come in only specific subscriptions, and all of them require customization.


Hardly any SMEs we encounter realise this.Protect_your_Microsoft_365_Data_Better


This guide pulls together all the IT security, data protection and data management features of Microsoft 365, shows the potential gaps in your subscription, and provides a step-by-step guide on how to access and activate them.

  • Are you sure you know which IT security features you have access to and which are activated?
  • Did you know Microsoft 365 does not backup your data, and what you need to do to fill the regulatory compliance gap?
  • How are you controlling how your employees access your Microsoft 365 data remotely, where it is sent, what apps it passes through and on what devices?

What this ebook includes:


1Learn which Microsoft (Office) 365 cybersecurity protections you have and which you don’t – and how to fill the gaps.


2 Identify which tools need activation and which need customization, and how to go about it.

3Protect your data from misuse or non-compliance while your employees work remote or on own devices.


4Discover the truth of Microsoft (Office) 365’s backup policies and what to do to protect yourself from catastrophic data loss.

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