How to ensure data privacy & security within

Microsoft 365

A five-step guide for business owners to designing data privacy and security into your Microsoft 365 environment

  • Learn if Microsoft 365 is suitable for the data privacy- and security-conscious (Hint: it is!)
  • Discover the forgotten tools in Microsoft 365 that are vital for making your data safe, and how to enable them. 
  • In five easy steps, rebuild your Microsoft 365 environment to be secure and privacy compliant

The tools you need are already in Microsoft 365 - you just need to know where they are!

Microsoft 365 is one of the most suitable collaboration platforms for any data responsible business. The security tools and data management capabilities it has within it as standard are enterprise-level and highly advanced.


But most businesses we encounter have not gone through the process of setting them up, leaving their data exposed to a variety of threats - internal and external, malicious and accidental. 


This guide includes the five crucial steps for understanding your data, selecting the tools you need to protect it, and deploying them.



What this ebook includes:

  • The quickest way to understand your data environment in detail, and what it needs to protect it.
  • ...And whether your licence includes them and how to set them up.  
  • How to work out which of M365's numerous data security and privacy tools you actually need...
  • Guidance on additional requirements for continuous data protection, such as how to backup Microsoft 365. 

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