Managed Microsoft 365 Backup Services


Microsoft does not backup Microsoft 365 data

Avoid massive loss of data and instant non-compliance with industry regulations and data privacy requirements  


Does Microsoft really not backup Microsoft 365?



I thought Microsoft Azure had redundancy processes?

Microsoft replicates data in at least two geographic locations, but these are to ensure Microsoft can maintain 99.9% uptime. Data is not made available to customers for restoring their data. 


I thought Microsoft 365 data could be restored?

Microsoft can restore libraries and mailboxes, but any data created or amended from the point of the restoration will be lost. This data will likely be far more than would be lost through formal backup processes.


Microsoft itself recommends using third-party services for backup


“We recommend that you regularly backup your Content and Data that you store on the Services using Third-Party Apps and Services.” 

Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 Service Agreement 

What are the risks?



Accidental deletion

What would happen to your business if your employees deleted or corrupted vital data?




Malicious user deletion

What if a disgruntled employee or ex-employee deleted emails, files or version histories?




How would you recover if your data was encrypted by a ransomware attack?



Virus and malware attacks

How would you keep your business running if a cyberattack corrupted your systems or compromised your admin account?


Regulatory breaches

If operational data is held in Microsoft 365 and not backed up, are you adhering to data governance industry regulations?


Microsoft 365 Backup Services from Calligo

Entrust the backup of your data and the resilience of your business to Calligo’s global award-winning managed service team. 

CloudCore is Calligo’s innovative and high-performance public cloud platform and is specifically designed to provide both primary and backup services for any data platform, including Microsoft 365. 



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Pricing based on data volume


Contractual SLA and Recovery Time and Point Objectives 

Data compressed &
de-duped to keep costs low


Expert data restoration specialists 

Highly scalable and flexible  



Supports data residency requirements that even Azure cannot

Supported by our global award-winning team



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