Microsoft 365 Security Services


With Microsoft 365, your team is more collaborative and productive.

But is your data secure, are you in control of it, and is it backed up?


 Secure your Office 365 data 

Most businesses think their Microsoft 365 data is more protected than it actually is.

The three most common reasons for over-estimating Microsoft 365 data protection:



Tools not included

Each Microsoft 365 subscription has its own collection of security tools built-in. Businesses are often confused by what is or is not included in each one, and often choose inadequate subscriptions, leaving their data exposed.



Tools not activated

Aside from only the most basic protections such as anti-virus, almost all Microsoft 365 security tools need deliberate activation before they will function, including multi-factor authentication and anti-ransomware.



Tools not configured

Most tools require rules and policies to be set-up that carefully mirror the needs and preferences of your business, such as Azure Information Protection that needs data sensitivity classifications to be pre-set.


How will Calligo help?

Help you choose the right combination of security tool subscriptions for your business – whether an all-inclusive high-level package, or a lower package with only the add-ons necessary to protect your environment.

Translate your business operations and needs into the security tools’ rules, policies and protocols and set them all up for you.

Educate and train your users on any of the tools that may require their day-to-day use or involvement, such as multi-factor authentication, message encryption or data loss prevention.

Continuously review and manage the suitability of your Microsoft 365 security processes and rules.



Some of the security features of Microsoft 365 you should take advantage of

Just a handful of the advanced Microsoft 365 security tools that Calligo's expert team is experienced in deploying, customizing and managing



Microsoft 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevents the sharing or inadvertent disclosure of sensitive data


Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Classifies data by its sensitivity & allows rules for its distribution or handling to be set



Infographic: Protect your Managed 365 data better

Download our free infographic an learn how to make sure your business data is secure.



Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Protects uses from advanced malware and phishing attempts

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