Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication should be a core component of IT security for businesses of all sizes.


With Calligo and Duo, deploy it in minutes to every user.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a network security process that requires users to input more than one method of authentication.


These are typically a combination of:

  • What the user knows e.g. passwords
  • What the user has e.g. a second device
  • What the user is e.g. biometrics

Most Multi-Factor Authentication strategies start with a password, and then have additional measures on top, usually a one-time code from a second device, a push request through a second application, a fingerprint ID, or a geo-location verification.


Why deploy Multi-Factor Authentication?


Passwords are almost certain to be compromised at some point through social engineering, phishing or keylogging, so by adding additional layers, or "factors", to the network defence, it becomes far harder for unauthorized individuals to access your data.


Calligo believes that Multi-Factor Authentication should be the default position for every company.

So much so that we strongly recommend it for every IT Managed Services customer.





of successful web application attacks relied on weak or stolen user credentials (Verizon).



of cyberattacks are aimed at SMEs in the belief their defences are weaker (Symantec).



of online consumer banking and gaming apps already require MFA 



Calligo’s Multi-Factor Authentication Service


Calligo has chosen to partner with Duo, arguably the most innovative and user-centric Multi-Factor Authentication technology vendor, whose technology can be deployed on any device and application.


Our team has extensive experience in deploying the tool to secure networks of all sizes, all across the globe, and in ensuring Duo’s immediate and ongoing adoption – without compromising user satisfaction. In literally minutes, you can secure all your users, applications and services.




Flexible managed deployment

Choose your MFA preferences - fingerprint ID, additional codes or push notifications - and our experts will build your policies with you and deploy across your entire network.




Complete Policy Control

Grant or block access based on identity, team or device, or contextual factors, such as geo-location, IP addresses or device security levels.




Data Insights

Ongoing data insights and vulnerability assessments, including analysis of every device on your network, not just the ones you manage.




Single Sign On (SSO)

Enable secure Single Sign-on (SSO), and create a single dashboard for all your users’ cloud-based or on-premises applications, accessed through just one, secure, multi-factor log-in.




Full-network Protection

Close wider network security gaps by identifying at-risk devices and prompting users to update them, else lose access.




Phishing Tests

Run your own Phishing simulator tests to continuously identify at-risk users, and their need for additional training.



On-premise Security

Provide secure access to on-premises applications for your users, while also allowing remote or even external access to authorized third parties.




User Support

Company-wide enrolment and adoption support, including user education, training and ongoing monitoring.



Security Training

Employee security awareness training, keeping your workforce up to date on the most common threats, and latest trends.



The Top 9 SME IT Security Horrors

The top cybersecurity threats facing SMEs, based on our observations of client networks and their vulnerabilities.



Protect your Microsoft 365 data better

Many Microsoft 365 security features that you may think are actively protecting your data actually are not.  




Case Study:


Secure, available data and a 4x customer base 

How a CPA made their data securely available to their teams, improving productivity and leading to a quadrupled customer base


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