The Cloud Migration Guidebook


Part 2 - The migration project itself


You’ve built your strategy, identified your most suitable provider and tackled the compliance and data privacy requirements.


Now to focus on the cloud migration itself. This second Guidebook will guide you through the migration process and help you ensure the project delivers on its promises.

  • How to decide the best approach for each of your applications
  • Ensure that you are future-proofing your cloud platform
  • Learn how to manage your partners and suppliers
  • How to avoid the threats of overspend and project timeline slippage

Navigating to your chosen cloud platform


This guidebook to the process of migrating to the cloud will help you achieve your strategic goals (defined in Part 1 of this guidebook series) and avoid the typical obstacles and oversights that can slow projects down, increase their costs and impact overall outcomes.


What this guidebook covers:

  • How should you use the well-known “Six Rs of Cloud Migration”, and decide which option best suits each of your applications?
  • How will you ensure that you do not suffer downtime when migrating to the cloud?
  • Are you going to disrupted by “noisy neighbours?”
  • How do you avoid overspend and hidden costs?

Download the ebook to discover how to identify and fix these problems



What this ebook includes

  • The 6 Rs of cloud migration explained so you can choose the right path for each application
  • Discover the importance of planning ahead with interoperability and portability
  • Learn how to harness individuals' enthusiasm for change to support wider adoption
  • How to avoid project timelines overrunning and delaying deployment

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