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Tessa Jones Tech Sales Consultant


Tessa is an accomplished and acclaimed data scientist, and has applied these skills to other areas of her scientific education, including genetics, volcanology and space exploration.

Tessa is our Director of Data Science, leading a team of highly experienced and innovative data scientists and analysts.

Tessa even programmed the first ever picture to prove that there was once running water on the surface of Mars and used data science to land the Rover on its surface.

Throughout her 18-year career, there is one consistent thread – the application of the scientific method to difficult problems. A substantial part of this is an extensive history of developing value-creating data science models that answer commercial questions, delivering quantifiable ROI for large and small enterprises.

Tessa has used data science to solve complex questions for Microsoft, T-Mobile and other enterprise-scale market leaders in industries as diverse as healthcare, real estate, manufacturing and retail, while also supporting the data aspirations of smaller, ambitious organizations – always ensuring the most insightful information is surfaced to drive the highest ROI and commercial impact to the business.

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Our stated objective is simple: to be the world leader in data services. This is not easy. To be a […]