The 7 hazards to avoid when deploying Hybrid Azure


The most common mistakes and oversights to avoid when setting up a hybrid public Azure and Stack environment

  • Learn from real world mistakes
  • Read about how your peers planned and deployed their Hybrid Azure deployments incorrectly – and the subsequent cost to their businesses

Azure + Stack = a uniquely consistent, innovative & modern Hybrid cloud


But only if you don’t make any of these seven critical mistakes…


Hybrid cloud is well-understood as the answer to many organizations’ data privacy and data residency issues. Arguably the best example of such an infrastructure is Microsoft public Azure combined with Azure Stack.


Why? Because of the powerful combination of its unique consistency between the two environments, alongside the scale of Azure and the innovative tools it delivers.


But these advantages are often lost in poor deployments. This paper highlights the seven most common mistakes that our Cloud Strategists have rescued our clients from during their Hybrid Azure deployments.


Download the full document to learn more about these oversights and avoid making the same mistakes yourself.


Some of the common oversights and mistakes examined in this paper


1 Not planning for the pricing variations between public Azure and Stack

2 Failing to appreciate the impact of Hybrid cloud on your WAN

3 Selecting a Stack provider that can’t support your future growth

4 Misunderstanding your data flows, and how it can lead to additional costs

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