Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity



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Alternatively, you can use the Downtime Calculator from Zerto to estimate the potential financial impact of a data disaster.


Backup & Disaster Recovery services  



CloudCore - Calligo's privacy-first, high performance and highly secure public cloud platform - is the foundation for all our backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services. 


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Your data is backed up to any nominated data centre in our network, supporting any data residency & sovereignty requirements you may have - and overseen 24/7/365 by our global award-winning managed services team to ensure your data is up-to-date and ready and available whenever you need it. 



Backup Services

Scalable, cost-effective backups of all your critical data, set-up and managed by industry experts 


  • Simple pricing models based on data volume, but compressed and de-duplicated to keep costs low
  • Highly scalable
  • Expert data restoration specialists
  • Service designed to support and complement industry regulatory requirements and data privacy obligations
  • Will backup from any source, whether on-premise servers, mobile devices or SaaS services such as Microsoft 365

Disaster Recovery 

Use your backups to make your business continuously resilient


  • Set your own Recovery Point and Time Objectives and your own retention and purging rules to ensure compliance with any industry regulations or internal policies
  • Cost of invocation resources for testing and disaster recovery is baked into monthly fees, meaning you can focus on recovering your business without worrying about costs 

Downtime Calculator

What could the financial impact be of not being able to access your data?  


Microsoft 365 Backup Services


Microsoft 365 does not back up your data!


It merely allows libraries and mailboxes to be restored, and only for limited periods. Microsoft itself even advises users to use third party services to backup data:


And without backup, your data is at risk of total loss through accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware and other cyber attacks - not to mention industry regulatory breaches.  


Entrust the backup of your data and the resilience of your business to Calligo’s global award-winning managed service team, and CloudCore, its innovative and high performance public cloud platform, specifically designed to provide backup services for any data platform, including Microsoft 365. 




“We recommend that you regularly backup your Content and Data that you store on the Services using Third-Party Apps and Services.” 

Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 Service Agreement