Tales from the GDPR Frontline

A collection of real-life observations from our Data Privacy Services team  

  • Understand GDPR and its practical application better from these real world scenarios
  • See what dangers are most routinely underestimated
  • Discover what questions are most often asked, and how our consultants answer them

Gain a head start on your journey to GDPR adherence

Our Data Privacy Services team has engaged with numerous companies of all sizes and in various jurisdictions, advising and guiding them through their GDPR preparations.

Based on these companies’ most common legislative misconceptions and data privacy oversights, we have compiled the 15 most striking observations – our Tales from the GDPR Frontline.

Take a look, learn from your peers’ errors and misunderstandings and gain a head start on your journey to GDPR adherence by downloading the full ebook.



Some examples of your peers' oversights and misperceptions, covered in this ebook

  • The assumption that GDPR ‘compliance’ is possible – it is not
  • Overlooking the dangers of improper control of sales and marketing data
  • Underestimating how much sensitive data HR holds – and not just data on your staff
  • Placing a disproportionate amount of focus on consent

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