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Unlocking value from data and transforming it into an organization’s most lucrative asset

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Unleash the value of your data


We make data accessible and transform it into an organization’s most lucrative asset

Here’s how Calligo can help with your data mission:

Whether you’re on the tech or business side of your organization, you understand data’s huge potential. Now it’s about discovering the right path to unlock its power to transform your customers’ experiences, internal inefficiencies and bottom line.

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We are clever humans supported by smart machines.

The best global and restless minds in data science, privacy, security and engineering, with leading AI, machine learning and technology at our fingertips.

We get to know your business and your data mission inside-out. Then we apply our brainpower to sophisticated tech. Tangible, measurable, real results follow – that always demonstrate value.

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Beyond the Data – New Podcast!

Join Calligo’s Data Ethics and Governance Lead, Sophie Chase-Borthwick, and Calligo’s VP of Data Science, Tessa Jones, as they kick off our brand new monthly podcast. Giving you the resources and tools to navigate the dynamic data world.

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Join us as we host a networking and learning event around Machine Learning (ML)

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Use MLaaS to augment your team’s capacity with deploying machine learning solutions and support you with your business objectives

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Building a robust data strategy will help unleash your data’s power and propel your business forward.

Calligo can make your data work harder for you.

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