Managed Cloud Services

managed cloud services
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Your data is your most valuable asset – give it the most secure, available, cost-effective and privacy-safe cloud platform possible.

Make your data continuously and securely available on Calligo’s cloud platforms

Calligo’s managed cloud hosting services will ensure your data is safely placed in the hands of the teams who need it, wherever they are. Industry-leading technology performance + Data privacy and security + Award-winning managed services.

Why our clients choose Managed Cloud Services

Companies with optimised cloud infrastructure are 20% more agile.
Simply putting data in the cloud makes businesses 17% more productive.
Customer Satisfaction
Cloud-optimised SMEs have more than twice the NPS scores of those on-premise.
Operational Improvements
80% of companies report operation improvements within the first few months of migrating to the cloud.
SME businesses find it 40% more cost-effective to employ cloud platforms compared to maintaining an in-house system
94% of businesses report significant improvements in online security after moving their data to the cloud.

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