Advanced AI, Machine Learning and Analytics in the Healthcare sector

Advanced AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics have revolutionized the healthcare sector, offering a myriad of benefits that enhance patient care, streamline processes, and drive medical advancements.

These technologies enable healthcare professionals to analyze vast datasets efficiently, leading to more accurate diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. Machine Learning algorithms can predict disease trends, identify potential outbreaks, and optimize resource allocation, contributing to proactive healthcare management.

An Example of Calligo’s Data Visualization Capabilities in healthcare

A US healthcare provider identified that wait times were the greatest cause of patient dissatisfaction, so used this real-time dashboard to implement new processes that reduced wait times by 13%.

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Patient Wait Times

Built for a large US-based healthcare provider to show clinic-by-clinic performance.
Multiple versions used daily to drive local decision-making, while giving the entire board up-to-date management information.

Medical Clinic Performance

Used by a global pharmaceutical company to measure and react to correlations between physician engagement campaigns and changes to local prescription volumes.

Pharma Physician Engagement

Calligo enhanced and expanded report usage reporting to span across multiple workspaces and servers to give customers better insights into report health and usage.

Healthcare usage & reporting

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