Advanced Data Science and Analytics in the Telecom sector

Machine learning enables telecoms companies to gain valuable insights from large volumes of data and make more informed business decisions.

Machine learning has several benefits for the telecoms sector. It can help improve network performance and capacity planning, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer experience by predicting and addressing service issues. Machine learning algorithms can also be used to detect fraudulent activities, prevent network failures, and improve the accuracy of billing systems.

How it works

Define the Strategy

Our highly skilled team work with your business and data experts to comprehensively define the problem, before outlining the recommended roadmap to achieve your goals.

Build the Models

We provide specialist resources to build the models, create the documentation and then deploy. Development and deployment take place on Calligo’s infrastructure, ensuring quality and excellence.

Manage and Monitor

Models are deployed and managed on Calligo’s infrastructure, to ensure reliability of results. Our ongoing monitoring then ensures continued quality and return on investment.

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