How Calligo’s AI, Machine Learning and Analytics solutions can help Marketing teams

Calligo’s AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics solutions empower marketing teams with a suite of tools designed to optimize their strategies and enhance overall performance. By leveraging advanced data analytics, marketers gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that resonate with their target audience.

Calligo’s solutions not only streamline marketing processes but also enhance efficiency by automating routine tasks, enabling teams to focus on creative and strategic aspects.

How Calligo approaches working with you

  • Customized Workshops: Engage in specialized workshops with our experts to delve into the unique possibilities for your marketing objectives. Discuss the art of the possible within the context of marketing analytics and identify specific use cases relevant to your goals.
  • Define Marketing Use Cases: Work closely with our team to pinpoint and outline your marketing use cases. Align your marketing aspirations with the data opportunities available and establish a baseline for Return on Investment (ROI) tailored to the intricacies of marketing strategies.
  • Leverage Marketing Methodologies: Implement best-in-class methodologies specifically curated for marketing applications. Acquire, archive, model, and secure marketing data efficiently, ensuring that your marketing datasets are optimized for actionable insights.
  • Establish Marketing Data Procedures: Develop and establish data procedures with a marketing focus. Ensure that data handling aligns seamlessly with marketing campaign requirements, providing a robust foundation for effective analytics.
  • Execute Marketing Data Plan: Put your tailored data plan into action, driving targeted marketing initiatives based on data-driven insights. Encourage collaboration with your marketing team and stakeholders to maximize the impact of your data-driven strategies.
  • Refine and Develop Marketing Strategies: Continuously refine and develop your marketing strategies based on real-time feedback and evolving market dynamics. Collaborate with the organization to ensure that your marketing initiatives are agile, responsive, and consistently optimized for success.

An Example of Calligo’s Data Visualization Capabilities for Marketing Teams

Real-time analysis of how a major retailer’s pricing compared to that of its key competitors, allowing finance and marketing teams to respond to discounts and offers.

Imagine running your business with this level of detail

See the full summary, or examine the detail in context.
Interrogate what it shows and experience its full functionality.

Underlying data can be restricted according to users’ permissions or needs and design can be customized to your own brand.

An Example of Calligo’s Data Visualization Capabilities for Marketing Teams

Built for a national B2C home improvement retailer.
Used by CMO and VPs of Marketing to improve marketing performance and report ROI to CFO, CEO and investors

Gained Insights

The donut charts illustrate the population density of three important characteristics for each group of segmented customers; presence of children, if they are a homeowner, if they are ‘do it yourselfers.’ This helps inform the make-up of each group and what kinds of marketing campaigns to run.

These visualizations provide further detail around customer group characteristics by looking at the distribution of family size, income, and spend. Like the donut charts above, these visuals lend increased insight into each customer group. They help inform marketing teams
about themes and messaging that will best resonate with each group.

These trends illustrate spend fluctuations for the customer groups and predicts how these trends will continue. This insight helps marketing teams determine when to drive marketing campaigns to each group.

The trend filter helps dashboard users as they focus on specific time frames.

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