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Harness the full potential of your data drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge with Calligo’s Data Science Services.

Calligo offers data science & machine learning services to businesses. Our offerings use our proven Data Science by Design methodology for planning your best path forward and our Science+Data methodology for ensuring exceptional models.

Need advice from experienced data scientists? We offer that too. Whether you need end-to-end data science services or help with a specific step along the way, Calligo is the right partner for you. Come see how we can partner with you to drive your data science initiatives.

How our Data Science Professional Services work


Our Data Scientists use our Data Science by Design methodology to help you understand how machine learning can be used to address your business needs. Our highly skilled consultants will work with your business and data experts to comprehensively define the ML problem and outline the recommended roadmap to achieve the required project goals. We make sure you have a solid plan in place with measurable goals to help you quantify and measure success.


Now that we’ve developed a plan together, we’ll implement it using our Science+Data methodology and best-in-class models with a focus on ROI. Our models are architecture agnostic and can be deployed on our infrastructure or yours. We make sure that you are informed along the way by providing you with summaries of the data exploration, feature engineering, and model effectiveness. We seamlessly integrate with your systems so you can focus on the outcomes.


We then ensure the success of existing and future models through regular advisory meetings with you and your team. During these meetings, we review the performance of existing models, suggest updates to the models, address challenges or opportunities that have arisen, and help you plan for the next step in your data science journey. We don’t just leave to implement models, but help you learn along the way and ensure the continued success of your data science initiatives.

Let our team of data scientists, data architects & privacy experts ensure your ML project continuously delivers optimal value.

Machine Learning Experts
When you hire Calligo as your Data Science partner you get access to our whole team of data scientists. Our diverse team of experts have experience across multiple domains and ensure you get the best solutions that meet your specific needs.

Faster Time to Market
We’re here because we’ve done this before. Chances are we’ve solved a problem like yours before and can leverage our past experience to deliver outcomes to you faster than if you were to hire and train a data scientist for yourself.
Cost Savings
Data Scientists are expensive. When you work with Calligo you get the best talent for the time you need it. With our team there’s no need to incur the cost of hiring and managing your own team of data scientists.
Advanced Tools and Technology
We stay on top of the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks to help keep you on the forefront of data science innovation. We’ve done this for a while and have built out advanced tools to accelerate the delivery of your outcomes. Our tools work seamlessly together to make sure you get the best out of your models.
Objective Perspective
Calligo provides an unbiased perspective necessary to bring new insights to your business. We help you to break through operational biases and see problems with a fresh perspective to keep your business moving forward.
Additional Support
Calligo isn’t just a firm of data scientists. We’re also data engineers, data visualization experts, data privacy experts, and cloud service experts. We can bring on the right talent to ensure your projects are successful and grow with the changing needs of your business.


How Calligo has helped businesses


Calligo provides data-driven solutions to optimize manufacturing operations. Services include demand forecasting, inventory and logistics optimization, predictive maintenance, and supplier degradation analysis. Calligo integrates macro-economic shock models with company-specific data to help manufacturers make better decisions during unexpected economic shocks.

Calligo uses predictive models and time-series analysis to forecast demand and reduce inventory costs. The company also employs predictive models and survival analysis to help manufacturers reduce the risk of unplanned downtime by predicting when and how their machines will fail.


Retailers use demand forecasting with region-specific features to optimize product selection, increase sales, and reduce inventory losses. Calligo’s solutions use safe-harbor data anonymization methods to extract maximal value from customer data while maintaining privacy and avoiding legal risks.

Customer segmentation helps retailers market more effectively, improve product selection, lower risks, and understand expansion opportunities. Calligo’s machine learning solutions use customer data, external data, and domain expertise to create valuable customer groupings that inform various business areas.


Calligo provides data solutions to optimize various aspects of healthcare operations. Its services include improving the STAR rating of healthcare providers through prescriptive solutions, using predictive models and time-series analysis to prepare for a health crisis, optimizing staff scheduling to reduce labor costs while meeting patient needs, and minimizing inpatient surgical costs while maximizing revenue. Calligo also offers solutions to improve supply chain logistics to reduce the risk of inadequate supplies and reduce patient wait time through predictive models and optimization.

Moreover, Calligo offers solutions to reduce readmission rates and improve ER admittance, which can increase revenue in shared-cost models and improve the STAR rating. These services rely on predictive models, Monte-Carlo simulations, and machine learning models to analyze data and provide actionable insights to healthcare providers. With Calligo’s advanced data solutions, healthcare providers can make informed decisions to improve patient care, reduce costs, and optimize their operations for better outcomes.

Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain

Calligo provides transportation and logistics solutions that use predictive models, time-series analysis, Monte-Carlo simulations, and optimization to solve complex problems such as price optimization, cost predictions, and mileage optimization. These solutions help businesses maximize profit margin and reduce costs related to fuel, labor, and maintenance.

By utilizing machine learning algorithms, Calligo provides data-driven decisions that consider fuel costs, labor costs, shipping demand, and the availability of other opportunities. Predictive models and optimization are also used to minimize mileage driven and maximize profitability per truckload through mileage optimization and opportunistic loading.


Calligo provides data-driven solutions to optimize different aspects of telecom operations such as call center staff scheduling, market penetration analysis, store location optimization, service interruption detection, and customer segmentation. The use of predictive models and optimization leads to reduced costs, increased revenue, and higher customer satisfaction.

By leveraging machine learning solutions, Calligo can efficiently meet customer needs and optimize labor as call center needs change. Understanding market penetration using predictive models and time-series analysis helps identify high-potential markets that yield the best return on investment.


Calligo is a data science company that helps non-profit organizations improve their decision-making process. They use predictive models, time-series analysis, and economic modeling to forecast the value of investments and marketing impact. Their machine learning solutions use data from new markets, employee and resource data, to predict outcomes, helping organizations choose the most advantageous new markets to pursue.

Calligo also uses predictive modeling to determine the best targets for fundraising efforts, to allocate labor efficiently, and to find the most efficient routes and methods for product shipping. Finally, they use optimization, predictive models, anomaly detection, and collaborative filtering to match service providers with service recipients, reducing risk, and increasing the number of services rendered.

Financial Sector

Calligo provides machine learning solutions for the financial industry, including fraud detection, automated data extraction, customer segmentation, risk assessment, and product recommendations. Fraud detection uses clustering, anomaly detection, and time-series analysis, while OCR algorithms facilitate automated data entry. Customer segmentation uses clustering and collaborative filtering.

Risk assessment and underwriting involve predictive models and time-series analysis, while Calligo helps capture the best return on marketing investments using predictive models, A/B testing, and customer segmentation. Predictive models, collaborative filtering, and time-series analysis are also used to generate additional revenue through product recommendations and execute targeted marketing for reduced costs and increased revenue.


Without our own Data Science team, Calligo helped introduce Machine Learning into our day-to-day insurance quotes. Calligo have been very collaborative, and the team have had an excellent attitude. This work has been live for over a year and is driving a lot of value for our business. Calligo have helped us make a lot of progress in a key focus area for us.

Mike Lloyd
CEO Acorn Insurance

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