Case Study

Acorn Price Optimization

The Challenge

Acorn Insurance lacked the expertise and infrastructure to build meaningful ML solutions for the vast amounts of data they handle. Calligo helped design and build an ML package with an excellent ROI.

Leading UK specialist insurance provider, Acorn Insurance handles millions of quote requests every week. Transforming the huge amounts of data generated into meaningful ML solutions was not feasible for the company’s in-house teams. The organization was missing out on valuable opportunities to identify and respond to behavioral shifts and changing trends in the very competitive market in which they operate. 

Acorn Insurance knew that they needed a way to build ML solutions and utilize the vast amounts of customer information submitted daily, but they were aware that they did not have the expertise or infrastructure to build and run the systems required. An out-of-the-box ML product had previously been trialed with no success.

Management was faced with a difficult decision, as nobody within the organization knew what technology was needed, or how to go about sourcing it. Acorn Insurance turned to us to design, build and sustain a Machine Learning package that would deliver an excellent Return on Investment.

The Action

We built a bespoke ML tool for Acorn Insurance to identify trends and maximize sales opportunities while prioritizing data security.

Our Data Science team worked closely with Acorn Insurance upfront to understand key project objectives and identify potential barriers to success. Using this unique insight, we built a bespoke Machine Learning (ML) tool to work alongside the insurer’s online quote management system. Identifying trends across key customer groups every week, the model’s parameters were set to help Acorn Insurance maximize its sales opportunities across its brokerage websites.

Security and privacy of customer data was a key consideration throughout. Development and deployment of the bespoke ML model took place on Calligo’s ALPHI infrastructure, ensuring both consistently high service standards and full compliance with the many data security regulations to which we adhere.

Without our own Data Science team, Calligo helped introduce Machine Learning into our day-to-day insurance quotes. Calligo have been very collaborative, and the team have had an excellent attitude. This work has been live for over a year and is driving a lot of value for our business. Calligo have helped us make a lot of progress in a key focus area for us.

Mike Lloyd
CEO Acorn Insurance

The Impact

We helped Acorn Insurance deploy fully integrated ML models in four months with an MLaaS solution, delivering excellent ROI, GDPR compliance, bespoke in-house data analysis, fully integrated end-to-end ML, and a scalable and future-proof model. It’s a cost-effective and low-risk way for organizations to become ML-enabled.

Within four months of working with Calligo, Acorn Insurance were able to leverage fully deployed ML models that were integrated into their existing business processes. We created a bespoke Machine Learning Service that gives ML a human face, thanks to a dedicated project manager bringing together the expertise of a large team of data scientists, engineers, architects and developers. This combination of technology and a human approach delivered a bespoke solution that can be fully maintained for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team and onboarding new technology.

Results have been impressive, with our MLaaS model delivering a whole host of benefits for Acorn Insurance:

  • Excellent ROI
  • GDPR-compliant ML solution 
  • Bespoke, in-house data analysis 
  • Fully integrated end-to-end ML solution
  • A scaled and future-proof model that can handle over a million quotes a week

The project is a great example of our MLaaS tool, allowing organizations to essentially hire and maintain an entire Data Science team, along with all the associated technology and requisite expertise. But at a fraction of the cost.

An affordable, low-risk route to becoming ML-enabled.

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