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Beyond Data

Tune in each month as Tessa Jones, Calligo’s VP of Data Science and Research and Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Ethics and Governance lead are joined by industry-leading guests to talk about all things data, machine learning, AI and tech.

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Global Food Waste – Can AI Offer a Solution?

In ‘Global Food Waste – Can AI Offer a Solution?’, we are joined by Data Science leader Shawn L Ramirez where we explore the global issue of food waste and how AI has the power to make a difference. Tune in as we discuss examples of where AI is helping combat this prevalent ‘human’ problem.

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Beyond Data – AI’s Climate Jekyll & Hyde – Friend and Foe

In this episode, we are joined by Joe Baguley, EMEA VP and CTO of VMware, and discuss whether all applications of AI are made equal – or whether we should be giving precedent to causes that are making a contribution to society deemed morally ‘good’.

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Autonomous Mass Transportation and Citizen Privacy

In this episode, Tessa and Sophie are joined by Clayton Tino, CTO at Beep who talks to us about Autonomous Mass Transportation and its impact on citizen privacy.

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When can the Artificial truly be intelligent?

In this episode – When can the Artificial truly be intelligent? –we explore whether AI is by definition of intelligence even possible. What motivates AI to do anything (if anything)? Can a robot perceive feelings? Are we redefining intelligence to suit machines, not humans? Just a few of the themes explored in our first Beyond Data podcast episode.

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Meet our Podcast Hosts; Tessa and Sophie

Tessa Jones, VP of Data Science Research and Development: “I was motivated to do this podcast because there are so many important topics in this arena that could really benefit from a space that isn’t hindered by restrictions. We are here to talk openly about these topics, their usefulness in conjunction with the risks and be open and honest and explorative in nature.”

Meet Tessa
Tessa Jones - Calligo - Data Science

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Calligo’s Data Ethics and Governance Lead:
“There is a lot of conversation about AI. There are a lot of people who come into the camp of – AI is awesome, it’s going to solve all the problems in the world. Or it’s evil, we are going to recreate Skynet or The Matrix. As with everything else, it’s going to be somewhere in between – what it’s used for, how it’s done. But the impact on people and society is important.”

Meet Sophie
Sophie Chase-Borthwick

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