We’re proud to support the following organizations

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Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Our partnership with Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, awards a doctoral studentship (DPhil in Social Data Science) that focusses on gendered dynamics and discrimination within STEM fields. The research will identify and analyse cases where gender is a salient dimension in STEM fields, and will combine gender studies with data science. Some research has shown that gender inequalities in STEM are the result of deep pre-conceptions and stereotypes that cannot be mitigated by quotas and affirmative action in hiring. The aim of this research is to have real-world applicability and effect, by informing policymakers, leaders and HR teams in STEM industries about best options to overcome gendered inequalities and how to improve organisational policies and practices. To find out more about the doctoral studentship, click below
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Tawni Rickey BMX Sponsorship
Tawni Rickey BMX Sponsorship
Calligo is proud to be sponsoring Tawni Rickey, a rising star in the BMX world. As Tawni prepares for the upcoming season, Calligo is privileged to stand alongside her as a sponsor. Whether at local events, official USA BMX national races, or the prestigious UCI Worlds, Tawni will proudly display our brand logo on her jersey as she competes alongside some of the industry’s finest. We firmly believe in Tawni’s potential and are thrilled to be a part of her journey as she continues to ascend to new heights. Our sponsorship of Tawni Rickey is not just about supporting her athletic endeavors; it’s about championing her as a role model for young girls in sport, and resilience and determination she has shown throughout her BMXing career. Through our partnership, we aim to amplify her message of empowerment and inspire others to pursue their passions relentlessly.
Tawni Rickey – A Rising Star In The BMX World
Calligo Tigers Swim Team
Calligo Tigers Swim Team
The Calligo Tigers Swimming Club, based in Jersey, is well known for its competitive success in the Channel Islands and beyond. Amongst its current ranks, it includes Commonwealth Games, Youth Commonwealth Games and British National standard swimmers. Calligo has supported the club since September 2017 and helps the Jersey Tigers access and take advantage of modern technology-driven techniques to aid the development of swimmers at the club.
Blanchardstown Corporate Park 5K Fun Walk / Run – Dublin
Blanchardstown Corporate Park 5K Fun Walk / Run – Dublin
We are proud to be supporting the Blanchardstown Corporate Park 5K Fun Walk / Run event in Dublin in April 2024. As well as our corporate support, many of the team at our Calligo Ireland office will be participating in the 5K, all to raise money for these fantastic charities: The Mater Hospital Foundation; Dogs Trust; St. Francis Hospice. For further information or to donate to any of the above causes, please click this button.
Renewal Foodbank Volunteering & Pro Bono Analytics Work
Renewal Foodbank Volunteering & Pro Bono Analytics Work
Some of our Seattle staff volunteered at a food bank, donating food and household items and assisting with stocking shelves, organizing, cleaning, and helping clients. While there, we discovered that the food bank struggled to effectively utilize their collected data, which included client demographics and information on rescued food. Realizing their need for a tool to communicate their community and environmental impact, we conducted several meetings and developed a high-quality, infographic-style Tableau dashboard. This tool now helps them secure more funding through donations and grants, supporting their efforts to continue and expand their operations.


At Calligo, we are unwavering in our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. As part of our ongoing efforts, we have set a goal to achieve B-Corp certification by the end of 2025. This certification underscores our dedication to enhancing our social and sustainability performance, ensuring that we operate not only for profit but also for the benefit of our employees, communities, and the environment.

B-Corp certification is a rigorous evaluation process that assesses our entire social and environmental performance. Achieving this certification will validate our continuous efforts to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

We believe that by becoming a B-Corp certified organization, we can further our mission to make a positive impact on the world. This journey reflects our core values and commitment to ethical practices, and we are excited to take this significant step towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

For more information about B-Corp certification, please visit https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/certification/

Our Partnership with FutureTracker

We are FutureTrackers – on track for a better future Being FutureTrackers means that we are transforming our sustainability by measuring, managing, minimizing, and benchmarking our impact. We use the FutureTracker platform to embed sustainability into our organization’s DNA, and to make positive, meaningful, and long-lasting changes for a better future.

Diversity Programmes & Initiatives at Calligo

At Calligo, we are committed to encouraging and investing in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion amongst our workforce and we oppose all forms of discrimination.

Below are some examples of our initiatives

JEDI Council

An employee forum group open to all staff, our JEDI council (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) meet on a regular basis to discuss and actively promote more communication, support and activity to ensure a supportive working environment for everyone.

ED&I Calendar

We run a calendar of events and themes that we recognize globally throughout the different months of the year. The aim is to share content, recognize and celebrate topics as well as allowing a forum for learning and engagement.

Foundational Principles

Our ED&I policy commitments are fully supported by Calligo’s Senior Management and Executive leadership team. One of our five core Company values is Inclusivity, and everyone at Calligo holds personal responsibility, with a need to ensure our actions and words support the policy.