Backup as a Service


Introducing Calligo’s Backup as a Service Solution

Calligo’s Backup as a Service is a managed service that is designed to remove the overhead and complexity of managing and restoring data, irrespective of where the data resides. By establishing a secure connection to Calligo’s hosted infrastructures, data can be safely and securely backed up and stored in an air-gapped, encrypted format to protect the integrity of the data.

Data Disruption Impact Without Access to Backup Services

of outages result in direct revenue loss*

of data disruptions lead to some sort of brand reputation damage*
of organizations experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident*

Key Service Components

Simplified Data Management
Calligo’s Backup as a Service eliminates the complexity and cost of managing and restoring data, regardless of its location. This means customers can focus on their higher business value operations without the overhead of data backup and recovery management.
VM-Level Backups
Provides comprehensive VM data backups, including virtual disks and vCenter configurations, ensuring complete data protection.
Application-Level Backups
Application-Level Backups: Specifically designed for critical applications like SQL databases and Windows File Systems, allowing for consistent state backups and efficient data restoration.
Data Integrity and Security
Data is securely backed up and stored in encrypted format within Calligo’s hosted infrastructures, ensuring data integrity and protection from unauthorized access or breaches.
Backup Check and Monitoring
Daily backup reports are sent to Calligo’s Network Operations Center (NOC), enabling timely identification and resolution of any backup issues. This proactive approach minimizes data loss risks.
Regular Restore Testing
Monthly File Level and VM Level restore testing is conducted by Calligo in each region, assuring customers that data recovery processes are well-tested and reliable.

Calligo’s Backup as a Service also offers essential features to satisfy any regulatory and legal requirements

Legal Hold and eDiscovery
Ensures data preservation and simplifies legal data retrieval
Sensitive Data Discovery and GDPR Compliance
Helps manage sensitive data and ensures regulatory compliance
Security Enhancement
Improves overall security by assessing vulnerabilities and taking proactive measures
Anomalous Activity Tracking
Monitors data for early threat detection and risk reduction

Optional Bolt-on Services

Service Delivery Manager

Calligo can supply a Service Delivery Manager to oversee routine operations, manage client accounts, conduct service reviews, adhere to ITIL practices, coordinate with third-party suppliers in the customer’s Service Integration and Management model, and ensure Calligo meets or exceeds SLO targets.

Technical Account Manager

A Technical Account Manager can also be provided, facilitating technical collaboration between the customer and Calligo support teams. They drive service improvements, oversee new deployments and configurations, ensure top-notch application stack performance and uptime, and liaise with third-party suppliers per the customer’s support model.

Calligo’s value comes not only from their strategic and practical input in making us as productive and cost-efficient as possible from day one, but also from their day-to-day support. We don’t have the time and resource to deal with the daily management of our IT, so having such a responsive, willing and capable team to call on is absolutely vital.

Howard Lerner
Founding Partner at SBLR

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