Case Study


The Challenge

Mayhew, a Canadian office interior design company, faced a challenge of maintaining high standards with a small in-house IT team.

Rapid growth was proving to be something of a double-edged sword for leading Canadian office interior design company, Mayhew. 

Originally the business had a four-person in-house IT team devising strategy, managing resources and networking across two sites, as well as providing endpoint and application support. Maintaining existing high standards as the company developed would require significantly expanding IT support and investment to the point that it was no longer financially viable for Mayhew to continue to fund and grow an internal IT department. 

The Action

Calligo provided Mayhew with a suite of IT services including 24/7 helpdesk. A Virtual CIO recommended migration to Microsoft 365, which proved highly profitable.

Calligo provided Mayhew with a full suite of IT Managed Services:

  • Proactive network monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Security
  • Desktop optimisation
  • Warranty management
  • Dedicated Network Administrator
  • 24/7 employee helpdesk, contactable via chat, email and phone
  • Bespoke training

Analysis of helpdesk data highlighted the large number of different collaboration tools in use at Mayhew, and so our Virtual CIO (or yCIO) recommended migration to Microsoft 365. It would prove to be a highly profitable migration. The monthly per user pricing model made clear financial sense compared to individual software licences and their renewals; while the intuitive, recognisable interfaces of Microsoft’s collaboration apps made it easier for users to adopt new tools, with less downtime.  

The impact of introducing Office 365, and replacing a variety of cumbersome, unconnected applications, has been remarkable… Our speed and even quality of work has improved as a result. It’s an improvement to our working practice that would never have occurred were it not for Calligo’s input.

Marcia Mayhew
President and CEO at Mayhew

The Impact

Mayhew improved productivity by streamlining IT provision with our services. Migration to Microsoft 365 and Azure reduced costs and improved data accessibility.

Only a third of the time the Mayhew team spends with a client is billable. It is therefore essential for business profitability that designers, administrators and managers use all their time efficiently, communicating clearly and utilising skills and experience from across the company. Streamlining Mayhew’s IT provision into one connected suite has greatly improved productivity. So much so that the company was able to undertake an office move without any project downtime.  

We also supported the business’ migration to the cloud via Microsoft Azure, recommended as on-site hardware was nearing its end of life. Complementing the move to Office 365, this process delivered:

  • Reduced costs 
  • Simplified back-up processes
  • Improved data accessibility
  • Greater resilience

Overall, Calligo has helped Mayhew almost halve its IT costs. It no longer relies on internal resource and has dodged the need to expand the investment in it. The service that the helpdesk alone delivers would have required Mayhew to make one or two new hires. And, annual Azure costs are less than half the combined equipment refresh and maintenance costs otherwise needed.  

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