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Explore the power of data visualization & analytics with Calligo.

Free your data and turn everyone into a data-driven decision-maker. Get beautiful, intuitively interactive custom-built dashboards that give your teams the data they need to make better decisions faster, without overburdening IT.

  • Give every team member constant access to usable, accurate, interrogable data.
  • Make faster, more intelligent decisions, with full context, even across multiple data sources.
  • Spark a data-driven culture, based on autonomy, trust, speed and accuracy.

Let your data inspire your team to do better work

Spreadsheet reporting is flawed
  • Time-consuming to build, deliver and iterate
  • Immediately out of date
  • Inconsistent from report to report and user to user
  • Restrictive design capabilities
  • Causes indifference and even distrust of data
  • Undermines data security and governance
Native dashboards are not enough
  • Single data source
  • Limited functionality
  • One-dimensional reporting with minimal ability to interrogate
  • Too many clicks’ to find any insights
  • Poor mobile interface


Step into a world of insight and clarity with Calligo’s portfolio of data visualizations, where complex datasets come to life, revealing patterns and trends that empower informed decision-making.

Learn more about the power of data visualization and analytics

Custom-built visualizations, designed in your brand.

Built on the world’s most powerful data analytics tools.

Fully interrogable views with deep drill down capabilities.
Versions for individual users, roles or departments.
Continuously up-to-date and reliable data.
High quality responsive mobile interface.

Easy roll-out
Rapid and continued user adoption.
Data Privacy Guaranteed
Respects all data security, privacy & governance controls.

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