Case Study

USAF Air Mobility Command

The Challenge

USAF Air Mobility Command – Logistics Optimization

The United States Air Force Air Mobility Command (USAF AMC) faced significant challenges with its self-built Tableau Server user interface, which led to a poor user experience. Users found it cumbersome to navigate, requiring excessive clicks to access essential information. Additionally, once users found the answers they needed, crucial supporting content and information for next steps were often scattered across different platforms, causing delays in decision-making and action. This poor user experience resulted in high levels of user friction and frustration, leading to low engagement and customer satisfaction levels.

The Action

Collaborative Efforts to Improve User Interface

To address these challenges, Calligo, in collaboration with Tableau, closely collaborated with USAF AMC stakeholders. Joint presentations were conducted to multiple stakeholders within the USAF, laying the groundwork for the project. Calligo facilitated multiple requirements-gathering sessions with USAF users to understand their specific needs and preferences. Based on these insights, Calligo built a custom test Embedded Portal, consolidating and redesigning the USAF AMC dashboards to streamline the user experience and provide easier access to essential information.

Throughout the process, Calligo and Tableau held 1-2 meetings per week with USAF stakeholders, ensuring alignment and feedback at every stage. Business justification meetings were held to strengthen the sponsorship internally, followed by product demonstrations to a wide range of USAF users. Final presentations were made to the US Department of Defense, emphasizing the project’s alignment with strategic objectives.

The Impact

Enhanced User Experience and Stakeholder Satisfaction

The collaborative efforts between Calligo, Tableau, and USAF AMC stakeholders resulted in a significant improvement in the user experience for USAF AMC personnel. The redesigned Tableau dashboards and Embedded Portal reduced the number of clicks required to access information, making it easier and quicker for users to find answers to their everyday questions.

Moreover, the consolidation of relevant content and information within the portal facilitated faster decision-making and action, reducing delays. As a result, user friction and frustration decreased, while engagement and customer satisfaction levels improved. The successful project implementation not only addressed the immediate challenges but also strengthened the ongoing relationship between Calligo, Tableau, and USAF AMC, paving the way for future collaboration and innovation in enhancing data accessibility and usability within the organization.

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Tim Thompson, Operations Director

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