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The Challenge

Sealey – Sales and Logistics Insights

Sealey, a prominent UK-based global retailer of professional tools and workshop equipment, faced a complex challenge due to their extensive product range, serving over 70 countries and providing access to more than 12,000 products and over 5 million spare parts through their network of dealers. The company experienced fluctuations in buying patterns based on seasonal trends and needed to forecast purchasing demands more accurately.

To address these challenges and enhance their sales and logistics performance, Sealey recognized the need to introduce an analytics capability that would provide insights into their sales and supply chain operations. They sought to understand how data could empower their decision-making, uncover missing data elements critical to their roles, identify opportunities they were unaware of, and optimize their internal data analytics capabilities. Additionally, they aimed to achieve cost efficiencies by transitioning from disparate point solutions to a more comprehensive data architecture.

The Action

Calligo transformed Sealey’s data capabilities through assessments, data opportunities, efficient architecture, vision, performance dashboards, and logistics insights.

Calligo engaged with Sealey to address their business needs and delivered a comprehensive solution that transformed their data and analytics capabilities. The engagement included the following key components:

Data Consumer Assessments: A thorough evaluation of how different teams and individuals within Sealey used existing data and how it influenced their decision-making. This analysis uncovered the missing data elements essential for their roles and identified opportunities for improvement.

Data Opportunities: Exploration of generative or derived data opportunities that were previously undiscovered. This process aimed to unleash the potential of data for Sealey’s growth and efficiency.

Cost-Efficient Data Architecture: Development of a strategy to streamline data architecture by replacing point solutions with a holistic approach. This not only reduced operational complexity but also optimized the use of resources.

Art of the Possible: Building a vision of what could be achieved with the insights gained from the discovery phase. This allowed Sealey to understand the full potential of their data analytics capabilities.

Hierarchical Performance Dashboards: Creation of dashboards that provided insights at different levels of the organization’s hierarchy, supporting effective management reporting. These dashboards enhanced decision-making and allowed for real-time tracking of sales and logistics performance.

Logistics Capacity Planning Insights and Order Fulfillment Alerting: Utilizing advanced data analytics methodologies to provide insights into logistics capacity planning and alerting mechanisms for order fulfillment.

The Impact

Sealey’s data transformation enhanced culture, sales, logistics.

The transformation of Sealey’s data and analytics capabilities had a profound impact on the organization. The key outcomes of this initiative included:

Established Data-Driven Culture: Sealey now has a corporate culture where data-driven insights empower the workforce to plan their activities more effectively. Employees can align their efforts with company priorities, resulting in more efficient and productive operations.

Enhanced Sales Revenue: The insights gained from the performance dashboards have enabled Sealey to make informed decisions, leading to increased sales revenue. By understanding customer buying patterns and responding proactively, they have captured new sales opportunities.

Optimized Logistics Efficiencies: The logistics capacity planning insights and order fulfillment alerting mechanisms have improved the efficiency of Sealey’s supply chain. This has led to quicker order processing and enhanced customer satisfaction.

In summary, the data and analytics transformation undertaken by Sealey, in collaboration with Calligo, has not only established a data-driven culture within the organization but has also significantly improved sales revenue and logistics efficiencies, making Sealey more competitive in the global marketplace.

Data Analytics Methodologies Used

The solution incorporated various data analytics methodologies, including:

  • Data Analytics Opportunities: Identifying areas where data could drive improvements in sales and logistics performance.
  • Data Architecture Assessment: Evaluating and optimizing the structure of data storage and management.
  • Data Culture Establishment: Fostering a data-driven culture within the organization to ensure that data is a key driver of decision-making.
  • Data Modelling and Insights: Utilizing data modeling to extract actionable insights.
  • MS Dynamics AX: Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX for enhanced data management.
  • Mobile Dashboards: Providing on-the-go access to critical insights.
  • Advanced Data Maturity: Evolving Sealey’s data maturity level to better align with their business goals.

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Their expertise in understanding and transforming our data into actionable insights has been invaluable, creating dashboards to aid our business processes and provide our sales and import teams with mission-critical information.

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Calligo is a key partner in driving our data-driven success.


Tim Thompson, Operations Director

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