Case Study

Red Classic – Optimized Logistics Operations

The Challenge

How can organizations enable self-service?

Red Classic, a leader in transportation and fleet maintenance solutions, faced challenges in optimizing operations and enabling self-service capabilities. With data sources scattered and lacking a centralized platform, queries were complex, slow, and required advanced SQL skills. Routine requests consumed valuable time, leaving little room for higher-value work. Point-in-time analysis was manual and time-consuming, hindering insights production.

The Action

Implementing Streamlined Data Pipeline

Calligo provided a solution by streamlining the data pipeline. They consolidated data sources into a centralized, scalable platform, reducing administrative burdens. Native SQL access was introduced to support reporting tools, ensuring high performance for analytical workloads. Additionally, a persistent staging area was established to enable quick historical analysis with simple SQL code.

The Impact

Enhanced Efficiency and Self-Service Capabilities

The implementation yielded significant business impact. Analytical query processing time reduced by up to 90%, accelerating insights generation. Historical point-in-time analyses, previously slow and manual, now offer dramatic time savings potentially worth millions. Business analysts can now access insights in one place without profound SQL knowledge, laying the foundation for self-service capabilities. Overall, the solution optimized operations, freed up valuable time, and empowered Red Classic to make data-driven decisions efficiently.


Thanks to Calligo, we can support the growing information needs of the business as we grow our offerings to the market. We could not be happier with Calligo’s consistently high level of professionalism, quality and customer service.

Operations Director
Red Classic

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