Case Study

Wheels Up

The Challenge

Calligo supported Wheels Up with data-driven decision-making to improve customer experience, forecasting, cost savings, and time efficiency.

Wheels Up – a US private jet charter company – is on an exciting growth journey. But with more than 11,000 active members and counting, 55,000 flights a year, record sales and acquisitions to boot, its heady success was throwing up some curveballs. A lack of data-driven decision-making was fast-becoming its Achilles’ heel. It was time to support its sales, revenue management and finance teams with much greater visibility; data that would supercharge customer experience, ignite efficiency internally and boost burgeoning sales figures and profits.

The Action

Calligo built data dashboards for Wheels Up’s sales, revenue management, and finance teams to provide 360-degree visibility of customer portfolios and measure performance.

To put data-driven decision-making at the epicenter of Wheels Up’s business model, we built effective analytical tools, data dashboards and skill sets for Wheels Up’s sales, revenue management and finance teams. Here’s a snapshot of how we supported their sales department.

A data dashboard needed to give the sales team 360* visibility of its customer portfolios. What flights has he or she booked? What routes were popular? Have there been any hiccups? With a click of a button, a Wheels Up Account Manager now has a holistic overview of each existing member. Any – action the client has taken, right there in real-time – accompanied by an ability to look after them better than ever. And informed perspective during account renewal discussions. Internally, we also created a dashboard that measured performance, analysing things like retaining clients, renewing contracts, and managing deposits. 

The Impact

Calligo’s dashboards had immediate benefits to Wheels Up: personalised customer experience, data-driven forecasting, cost savings, and saved time.

The impact of our dashboards has been immediate and incredibly beneficial, both financially and operationally, to Wheels Up. Here are some of the gamechangers:

  • Sales: customers now have an ultra-personalised experience, benefitting from savings, offers, and a feeling of being individually valued.
  • Revenue management: pricing is no longer based on trend, but accurate data-driven forecasting – allowing for proactive planning ahead based on demand.
  • Finance: $100,000s of estimated savings will be made from Calligo’s data revealing how much credit card processing fees were costing. These payments will no longer be accepted.
  • Across the business: hours and hours have been saved each week finding out information about customers, pricing, and profit-making activities.

Up next, Calligo will continue to empower Wheels Up with data-driven decision-making in other departments such as marketing, operations, and maintenance.

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