Case Study


The Challenge

SunRun sought Calligo’s help to become more data-driven and integrate new BI tools (Tableau and Snowflake) to back their diversification strategy.

Home solar panel company SunRun had struggled for some time with data governance and effective analytics. This was compounded when they acquired a similar company and inherited other business intelligence (BI) platforms. 

The company wanted to become more tech-focused and data-driven in order to back their strategy of diversifying into virtual power grids and energy trading. As well as bringing advanced technical talent into their business, they decided to move from their current Google-based platforms to new BI tools Tableau and Snowflake.  

SunRun did not have the in-house expertise to use the new technology – and so, asked for our support to integrate and start using it. 

The Action

Calligo helped SunRun achieve clear data analysis practices, integrate new intelligence software, and migrate documents for five departments.

The company had clear objectives that included creating best practices in data analysis and implementing the new intelligence software throughout the business.

We supported SunRun to onboard up to five departments in the data programs as well as establish timelines, conduct in-depth scoping and migrate documents.

Throughout the project we demonstrated our knowledge and approach on what level of support each department would need over a three-month period to best support the migration and creation of dashboards.

Calligo did a great job of helping Sunrun understand the art of the possible. Calligo came into our business and really taught us best practices in terms of Tableau application and what good looks like.

Steve Maier
Senior Manager, Data Services at Sunrun

The Impact

Calligo helped SunRun reduce legacy license costs and improve data governance through training and optimal integration of Tableau and Snowflake.

The fast timelines we achieved on migrating the documents helped reduce SunRun’s legacy licence costs. Our team conducted training of more than 25 of the company’s full-time professionals which improved their data governance and analytics capabilities, previously seen as a weak area. 

We achieved optimal integration of the Tableau and Snowflake dashboard programs producing easy-to-navigate data, practical explanations and clear visualisations. The user-friendly interface of the dashboards enabled better understanding of the information and greater engagement with data analytics within the SunRun team.


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