Case Study

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

The Challenge

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership sought Calligo’s help to visualise data solutions to prevent bycatch of ocean wildlife in commercial fishing at Seafood Expo.

It was a month before Seafood Expo North America, the leading trade event for seafood buyers in every market category.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership had new research with data and solutions of how to prevent and reduce the catch of ocean wildlife – sharks, seabirds, marine mammals, and sea turtles – in commercial fishing. “Bycatch,” the catch of non-target species, is the biggest single threat to the sustainability of marine fisheries.

The trade show provided a pivotal opportunity to tangibly show the best solutions for addressing bycatch problems to hundreds of retailers, seafood companies, and fisheries stakeholders. For example, if longline fisheries were having trouble with seabirds grabbing bait and getting hooked, what could they do? Sustainable Fisheries Partnership had the answers to these problems in their data. But the solutions were buried in reports and not easy to see for users.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership looked to Calligo to visualize the answers hidden in the data and help them make a splash at the trade show.

The Action

Calligo helped Sustainable Fisheries Partnership refine their data, using Alteryx to clean and visualise the data into Tableau for users.

Calligo worked with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to investigate their data sources.

The data was in a single-source database and was mostly clean. However, there was a large quantity, and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership needed Calligo’s help to refine and tease out what aspects of the data end users would be most interested in.

Calligo used Alteryx to extract and clean up the data, and then loaded it into Tableau to produce data visualizations for Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s users.

The Solve My Bycatch Problem tool allows end users to see various factors, such as effectiveness, implementation, and cost, and evaluate the pros and cons of different strategies and methods to find the best solutions for their specific wildlife interaction problem(s).

All the visualizations were completed quickly and delivered on time.

Our Solve My Bycatch Problem tool is a resource for fisheries stakeholders to understand how to reduce risk to vulnerable ocean wildlife. But it’s only really valuable if people use it. The eye-catching design and easy user interface that Calligo created will help ensure that the right people get the information they need.

Kathryn Novak
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

The Impact

The Solve My Bycatch Problem tool was presented at Seafood Expo and received positive feedback. Sustainable Fisheries Partnership plans to make it accessible on mobile.

The Solve My Bycatch Problem tool was unveiled at a Bycatch Solutions event at the Seafood Expo, and was highlighted as one of the new initiatives in seafood sustainability in a story by Progressive Grocer.

The tool was presented on screens at the event at Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s booth on the trade show floor, allowing for hands-on experience. The data visualizations and tool were well received, and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s end users loved the display.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership stood out from the crowd, with a data-based tool that users could interact with and access to solve their crucial issues – and showed people the power of their dataset.

Next up, the project will center around making the data and tooling accessible on mobile, to support the 25 to 30 percent of users who access the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership website via mobile devices.

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