Case Study

Renewal Foodbank: Enhancing Impact Visibility through Data Visualization

The Challenge

Struggling to Showcase Impact: RFB’s Data Communication Gap

Renewal Foodbank (RFB) had been diligently collecting and storing data on donations, customers, and food rescue efforts. However, their focus on delivering services left them with limited resources to effectively communicate their impact. Without a clear way to present their data, RFB struggled to demonstrate their value to donors, customers, and grant issuers, impeding their ability to secure additional funding necessary for expanding their operations and enhancing their ability to help more people and rescue more food.

The Action

Transforming Data into Insight: Building Impactful Dashboards

Calligo was engaged to address this challenge through a focused data visualization initiative. Using our dashboard development methodology, which emphasizes collaborative requirements gathering, wireframing, and Tableau dashboard development, we created two powerful Tableau dashboards for RFB. These dashboards were designed to visually convey RFB’s impact on the community and highlight the amount of food rescued from landfills. This involved visualizing key metrics such as the volume of donations, the number of individuals served, and the environmental benefits of their food rescue operations.

Technologies & Practices Deployed:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization

The Impact

Empowering Fundraising and Expansion: The Power of Visualization

The implementation of the Tableau dashboards had a transformative effect on RFB’s operations and outreach capabilities. By providing a clear, visual representation of their impact, RFB is now better equipped to communicate their value proposition to potential donors and grant issuers. The enhanced visibility of their contributions has significantly improved their chances of securing state-funded grants and increasing individual donations. Consequently, RFB is positioned to expand their operations, enabling them to assist more individuals in need and further reduce food waste, aligning with their mission of community support and environmental sustainability.

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