Case Study

Living Spaces Customer Insights

The Challenge

Unlocking Experian data’s untapped potential to understand and maximize customer insights for Living Spaces’ ROI.

Living Spaces, a prominent furniture store, sought to gain a deeper understanding of its customer base. In pursuit of this goal, the company had invested in an annual subscription to Experian data, a substantial financial commitment. However, despite having access to this valuable resource for several years, Living Spaces had yet to unlock the full potential of the data. They were essentially spending money without realizing the significant value it could bring to their business. The challenge was to harness the power of Experian data to drive meaningful insights and maximize the return on investment (ROI).

The Action

Living Spaces harnessed Experian data, identified use cases, and achieved empowered decisions, enhanced retention, and increased revenue.

In order to address Living Spaces’ challenge, our team undertook a systematic approach. We initiated the following actions:

Review of Business Processes: We thoroughly examined Living Spaces’ existing business processes to understand their operations and data utilization.

Experian Data Assessment: We became familiar with the Experian data subscription, identifying its various features and data points.

Data Integration and Correlation: We identified correlations and connections between the Experian data and Living Spaces’ internal data. This process involved aligning relevant Experian features with the company’s specific data points.

Business Use Case Identification: We pinpointed key business use cases that could leverage Experian data to address specific challenges. These use cases were centered around marketing initiatives, customer segmentation, and predicting customer behavior, all of which held the potential to generate substantial ROI.

ROI and LOE Measurement: Each identified use case was rigorously assessed in terms of its potential Return on Investment (ROI) and Level of Effort (LOE) required for implementation. This evaluation helped prioritize and focus on the most promising opportunities.

The Impact

Living Spaces transformed with Experian data: empowered decisions, enhanced retention, increased revenue, and data-driven success.

The result of this project was a transformative shift for Living Spaces. The actions taken had a significant impact:

Empowered Decision-Making: Living Spaces gained the ability to leverage their existing data effectively, providing the confidence needed to make informed business decisions.

Enhanced Customer Retention: The insights derived from Experian data allowed Living Spaces to tailor their marketing initiatives, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics to better meet customer needs. This, in turn, improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Increased Revenue: The downstream effects of leveraging Experian data for customer-focused initiatives led to increased revenue for Living Spaces. By understanding customer behavior and preferences, the company could offer more personalized experiences, driving higher sales and customer loyalty.

In summary, by harnessing the potential of Experian data and employing data science methodologies, Living Spaces transformed its business processes, improved customer retention, and significantly increased revenue. This case study exemplifies the power of data-driven insights and strategic data utilization in enhancing business performance.

Data Science Methodologies

To achieve the desired outcomes, we employed various data science methodologies, including:

  • Data Science by Design: We used a structured and planned approach to ensure that data science techniques and models were developed to address specific business questions and challenges effectively.
  • Feature Importance: By identifying the most influential features within the Experian data, we could refine the data selection process and optimize predictive models.
  • Decision Trees: Decision trees were used to guide the selection of features and the development of customer segmentation models and predictive analytics, enhancing decision-making.

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