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Have confidence in your continuous compliance to California’s privacy law with Calligo’s CCPA/CPRA service.

What is the CCPA? The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect on 1st January 2020 and laid the foundations of data privacy regulations within California. Since then, the data privacy regulation has been significantly expanded, with the newly amended regulation – the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).

Our CCPA services are delivered by an award-winning team of privacy consultants who are experts in data privacy regulations, infosecurity, technology and change management.We will advise, lead and consult on the various areas of necessary improvement, and manage their overall delivery.

How CCPA Compliance works


Our CCPA/CPRA GAP Analysis is conducted by privacy-qualified consultants to highlight areas of potential risk and non-conformance with California’s law. It evaluates the business’ maturity in eight key areas, ensuring compliance with CCPA/CPRA and other Data Privacy Regulations. These areas include CCPA governance and accountability, data privacy risk management, personal information management, security management, third-party management, incident management, and protection of consumers’ rights.

CCPA/CPRA Alignment

Our expert privacy team builds an ongoing adherence strategy by prioritizing risk areas, recommending a Privacy Officer, remedying data interaction and workflow risks, and aligning technology and infrastructure. We advise, lead, consult, and manage delivery, updating the CCPA/CPRA GAP Analysis to show areas of improvement.

CCPA/CPRA Assurance

Our CCPA/CPRA Assurance is an ongoing service that helps organizations maintain continuous compliance with California’s privacy regulations. The service includes reviewing and advising on privacy policies, ongoing monitoring of adherence to the regulation, data protection and security consultancy, advising on DPIAs and supporting interactions with data subjects and supervisory authorities.

Understand the benefits of our services to your business:

Improved Customer Trust
Compliance with CCPA can build customer trust and confidence in your business’s commitment to data privacy.

Competitive Advantage
Adhering to CCPA regulations can give your business a competitive advantage over non-compliant companies.
Cost Savings
CCPA compliance can help businesses avoid costly penalties and fines, which can lead to cost savings in the long run.
Better Data Management
The CCPA requires businesses to know what data they have and where it is stored, which can lead to better data management practices.
Enhanced Cybersecurity
CCPA compliance can improve cybersecurity measures, protecting sensitive data and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Preparation for Future Regulations
Adhering to CCPA regulations can help businesses prepare for future data privacy regulations and stay ahead of the compliance curve.

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