Discover the intricate world of Data Protection Officers (DPOs) in Europe and the UK in our latest report. We uncover the challenges that enterprises face amid mounting regulatory pressures. While investing in robust privacy programs offers numerous benefits and protection from hefty fines, a surprising number of organizations lack qualified DPOs to oversee these critical initiatives.

Failing to meet criteria

Some DPOs fail to meet GDPR’s independence criteria, serving in multiple roles within their organizations, leading to conflicts of interest. For instance, General Counsels often take on DPO responsibilities, potentially compromising data subjects’ interests. Moreover, organizations frequently fall short in budgeting for their privacy obligations, sometimes unnoticed within larger compliance budgets.

Regulators are intensifying their actions against non-compliant organizations, with the European Data Protection Board launching coordinated enforcement in 2023. This report, a collaboration between the Global CxO Institute and Calligo, draws insights from in-depth interviews with DPOs, senior decision makers, and regulatory officials. Take action now by downloading the full report to gain comprehensive insights into this critical domain.