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A modern approach to Data Governance Solutions

The Calligo Governance Team is an experienced and diverse group that ensures adherence to global data protection laws while supporting clients’ goals. Our experts act as internal data governance advisors, representatives of data subjects, and liaisons with relevant parties.

We have put data governance, security, and privacy at the forefront of our data services for over 10 years. Our public cloud platform, CloudCore, guarantees data residency, and we launched the world’s first data privacy managed service before GDPR. Data governance, security, and privacy are central to our data services capabilities.

How our Data Governance Solutions work

GAP Analysis

The Privacy Team conducts a GDPR GAP Analysis to assess a business’s maturity in eight key areas including privacy governance, personal information management, and incident management. The analysis identifies potential risks and non-conformances with GDPR.

Alignment Service

The Alignment Service takes recommendations from the GDPR GAP Analysis and creates a mobilization plan to reduce risk exposure. It enables progressing maturity levels and demonstrating adherence to current laws and regulations, with a focus on high-priority areas of the privacy program.

The benefits of a dedicated Data Governance practice

Data vision
What are your overall objectives and what do you need from your data to support them?
Data quality metrics
What does ‘good’ or ‘bad’ data mean to your organization? How does bad data affect your aspirations for data analytics or data science?
Business rules
How will your data management requirements be translated into processes for every user to understand and continuously follow?
Data management processes
Who owns the data and is responsible for its quality and accuracy? Who should have access to it and how is this controlled? And which data sources will serve as your single pillars of truth?
Compliance standards
What national, international and industry-specific regulatory obligations do you need to ensure consistent adherence with?
Data security
What processes and technology are required to continuously protect your data from external and internal threats?

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