Disaster Recovery as a Service


Introducing Calligo’s Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution

Calligo’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS CloudShield) is not just about maintaining business continuity; it’s about realizing the broader benefits of disaster recovery. By seamlessly replicating virtual, physical, and cloud-hosted servers to Calligo’s secure datacenter regions, it eliminates the need for costly “always-on” hardware investments.

With real-time automatic replication, it ensures Continuous Data Protection (CDP), minimizing data loss. Plus, it offers the flexibility of point-in-time recovery, allowing you to restore your systems to specific snapshots.

In the event of a failure, Calligo takes charge of managing the failover for critical systems as defined by you, ensuring minimal downtime. This comprehensive service not only safeguards your data but also aligns with your business continuity objectives, enabling you to face disruptions with confidence.

Key Service Components

Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
This component of the service is designed to replicate virtual, physical and cloud hosted servers to Calligo’s hosted servers between Calligo datacenter regions, IT workloads are automatically replicated in real time providing continuous data protection (CDP) with the ability to perform point in time recovery.
Client-Facing Service Desk Support
Access 24/7 Client-Facing Service Desk Support through the Calligo ITSM platform, allowing you to raise new support tickets, access existing ones, and resolve issues efficiently. During regional Business Hours, access telephone support for direct assistance and benefit from the expertise of Calligo’s Level 1 Service Desk Analysts for swift first-line resolutions. Empower your business with responsive IT support.
Enhanced ITSM Monitoring Services
Experience the benefits of Enhanced ITSM Monitoring Services, which encompass comprehensive monitoring of in-support Windows Server family operating systems. We provide resource monitoring for CPU utilization, memory (RAM) utilization, and disk utilization. Our availability monitoring includes RMM Agent heartbeat and URL availability checks.
Reporting and Analytics
Stay informed with our Monthly Reporting and Analytics for DRaaS, an integral part of our core service. The reporting includes a DR Health Status Report, ensuring compliance by confirming the health and status of DR replication based on scheduled service management reporting.

What are the benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Costly Downtime
Gartner reports IT downtime costs about $5,600 per minute. DRaaS minimizes this by swiftly restoring data and systems, reducing financial losses.
Rising Ransomware Threats
Surging ransomware attacks target businesses. DRaaS allows data recovery without ransom payments, mitigating financial damage.
Common Data Loss
Statista notes 25% of businesses faces data loss due to various factors. DRaaS ensures data continuity, minimizing permanent loss.
Protecting Reputation
Downtime and data loss harm reputation; 60% of customers consider switching after a data breach (Deloitte). DRaaS maintains trust by ensuring service and data availability.
Regulatory Compliance
Industries have strict data protection regulations. DRaaS aids compliance by ensuring data is backed up, accessible, and recoverable as per regulations.
Competitive Edge
Quick recovery from disruptions is a competitive advantage. DRaaS allows swift operations resumption, keeping businesses ahead of slower-recovering competitors.

Calligo’s value comes not only from their strategic and practical input in making us as productive and cost-efficient as possible from day one, but also from their day-to-day support. We don’t have the time and resource to deal with the daily management of our IT, so having such a responsive, willing and capable team to call on is absolutely vital.

Howard Lerner
Founding Partner at SBLR

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