Case Study


The Challenge

Impero produces SaaS educational software globally, facing Azure cost challenges. Calligo optimised their costs and strategy, enabling growth.

Impero specialises in producing educational software for schools which they then re-sell globally to the education sector.  The software is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) and, in essence, it allows schools to manage their lessons. 

With a wide customer footprint, Impero was going through a period of rapid global growth. They were using Azure to host their software, sourcing the licensing and support through a distributor. However, Impero was struggling with the costs and did not realize any noticeable benefits from their relationship with this third party. 

Impero was looking for a partner who would provide more than just a re-sell of the licences and they brought Calligo on board to help them optimize their costs and guide them on the path to achieving their future strategic goals. 


The Action

Calligo reviewed Impero’s infrastructure, optimised Azure cost management, and evaluated various business models for potential savings.

We conducted a thorough review of Impero’s infrastructure and based on these findings, they were able to help with their cost management within the Azure estate. 

Impero’s existing arrangement with Azure was on a pay-as-you-go basis. Although this was the most flexible option, it was also the most complex in the long-term, so we looked at a variety of different business models to ascertain how significant savings could potentially be made. 

The Impact

20-30% cost savings achieved

Our technical engagement and expertise led to substantial financial gain for Impero. By optimising within the cloud environment, we were able to create a cost model that saved Impero 20-30% on Azure costs

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