Case Study


The Challenge

Eviivo’s booking software struggled to cope with its rapid growth, leading to lost bookings and over-allocation of rooms. They sought Calligo’s expertise in cloud-based services to improve their infrastructure.

Eviivo is an award-winning booking software for B&Bs, hotels, apartments, and vacation rentals. This successful business is growing quickly and taking on new customers at a very fast pace.

While this rapid international expansion was extremely exciting for Eviivo, it was triggering all kinds of complex difficulties, largely due to the fact that the underpinning infrastructure was struggling to meet the needs of the growing business. Their environment was failing at critical moments and they were unable to achieve effective disaster recovery.

Eviivo’s services needed to be readily available 24/7 and these protracted outages were proving catastrophic. Increasingly, issues with the platform were causing lost or duplicate bookings and this, in turn, was leading to significant additional costs on account of relocation due to over-allocated rooms.

Aware of our extensive experience in delivering and maintaining high performing, secure and dependable cloud-based services across the globe, Eviivo sought their expertise. 

The Action

Calligo reviewed Eviivo’s IT estate and recommended new technology infrastructure. We provided dedicated project managers, consultants, and resources for the transition, with 24/7 support available to minimise business impact.

Our team’s first step was to carry out a thorough service review of the existing IT estate and architecture, identifying all the performance issues. Based on these findings, the recommendation was that we would provide Eviivo with a new technology infrastructure. 

Eviivo subsequently committed to transforming its entire IT infrastructure and adopting new ways of operating to support its long-term IT requirements. 

A dedicated project manager and principal consultant were appointed to Eviivo for the duration of the project with additional Calligo resources utilised to deliver specific aspects and to complete different tasks as required. 

There were several phases to the strategy and, throughout the project, our managed services and support teams were available 24/7 to deal with any issues or to perform planned activities outside of normal business hours. In this way, the business impact during the transition period remained minimal. 

The Impact

Calligo provided Eviivo with cloud-based data services to enhance their performance and ensure data protection. Effective disaster recovery is in place.

Our team succeeded in providing Eviivo with a portfolio of data services based on the most innovative cloud technologies that optimised every stage of the data journey while constantly ensuring adherence to relevant international and industry-specific data protection legislation. 

Once the services were fully migrated to the Calligo Cloud, we continued to work with Eviivo to implement further changes, ensuring the team had the technical know-how to take advantage of all the new features and further enhancing the service Eviivo was able to deliver to its clients.

The solution has significantly enhanced the performance and availability of line of business applications and improved Eviivo’s overall stability and performance. Effective disaster recovery is in place and they now have an environment where they can recover from an outage within two hours. 

In what continues to be a long-term partnership, Calligo has been able to meet and exceed the expectations of Eviivo and deliver a first-class service and industry-leading platform to support both its immediate and future strategic goals. 

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